Training Incentive Offered By Avemco


Avemco Insurance is offering new pilots up to 10 percent off premiums (including non-owner coverage) if they learn to fly in a Cessna Pilot Center training program. Avemco says the Cessna program goes beyond the FAA minimums for flight training and that’s a cornerstone of its incentive program. Students get a 5-percent discount just for enrolling. Completing the course extends the discount another year and if the student also takes a Practical Risk Management Course from King Schools, the discount is 10 percent. The incentive is part of Avemco’s Safety Rewards Program started in 2002 and Jim Lauerman, Avemco’s VP of Insurance Operations, said the results are encouraging. “With three years of solid claims data there is no question this program has helped to reduce accidents and stabilize insurance premiums,” Lauerman said. “Our underwriting results are better for customers who have participated in one or both aspects of the program.” The Cessna and King programs both go beyond teaching the skills necessary to pass the FAA test and are geared toward turning out better, safer and more competent pilots. At the same time, the enhanced training methods used in the Cessna program reduce the actual instructional time by an average of 30 percent.