Very Fit Chopper Pilots Sought


Let’s see, in the past year we’ve accomplished privately funded space flight, a man has circled the globe solo on a single tank of gas and airliner that can carry up to 800 people has successfully flown. Although the frontiers of flight seem to be pushed further each year, there are still a few seemingly primitive milestones that have not been achieved. For instance, the American Helicopter Society appears to be seeking takers for a $20,000 prize to be awarded for the first controlled, human-powered helicopter flight. To take home the check, all the winner has to do is hover for a minute, rise at least three meters above the ground and stay within a 10-meter square. At least one member of the crew has to be “non-rotating” during the flight and the vehicle must conduct the entire flight on power supplied by the person or people on board (no stored energy devices, gas bags, or external boosts).