Virtual Javelin Jet Flies In Digital Skies


If you’ve been waiting and waiting for the chance to fly your very own personal light jet, that day has arrived — at least, a simulated version of that day has arrived. “The Javelin’s performance is awesome. The flying experience is everything we hoped for and more,” said George Bye, president of Aviation Technology Group (ATG), based in Englewood, Colo. That is, we remind you, the simulated flying experience. ATG test pilot Robert Fuschino has been flying the simulator and says the handling qualities are good. ATG plans to develop the simulation as a flight training device and a marketing tool. Fuschino flew it in the landing configuration, in aerobatics, and in formation flight. The company says the simulator accurately represents the Javelin performance and handling qualities, and is helping to fine-tune the micro-jet’s design. Because of results from the simulations, the company said, the cant angle of the vertical fins will be reduced from 25 degrees to 15 degrees or so, and they will be made slightly smaller. This kind of preflight tweaking will save time and expense in the real-life test phase, the company said. Future Javelin owners will be offered a chance to fly the simulator in the near future, said Bye. The two-passenger all-metal jet is projected to sell at $2.2 million and fly to a certified ceiling of 49,000 feet with a range of 1,440 sm at 600 mph, with deliveries to begin in 2006.