Volunteer Pilots Seek Support For Liability Relief Legislation


The folks with the Air Care Alliance are putting out a call to all volunteer pilots who fly for charitable causes to support a bill now in Congress that would provide “Good Samaritan” liability relief. Letters from pilots and face-to-face meetings with representatives are a vital tool in gaining support for the bill, the Alliance says. At its Web site, the Alliance has posted detailed suggestions for finding your Congressional representatives, what to talk to them about, and how to lobby for their support. If enacted, this legislation would address concerns about limited, high cost or unavailable liability insurance for public-benefit flying. The legislation would amend the existing Volunteer Protection Act of 1997, adding relief for volunteer pilots to that originally provided for others in that “Good Samaritan” law. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Ed Schrock (R-Va.), and has been referred to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.