Win A Goodyear Blimp For A Day


If flying in a Goodyear blimp is on your list of must-dos in life, this could be your chance. Goodyear has launched a new blimp and is holding a contest to find a name for it. The winner gets to have the blimp fly to his or her hometown and do their bidding for a day. Hopefuls can submit their name proposals online through April 30. Traditionally, blimps were named after sailboats that won the America’s Cup race, but in recent years, the options have widened. Names included Spirit of America, Spirit of Akron, and Eagle. The company has built more than 300 airships since 1925, and currently operates three blimps that travel the country as “aerial ambassadors.” (No, we didn’t hunt down the other 297-plus.) The fleet flies more than 100,000 miles each year.