Wright Flyer Doesn’t…


Well, the Windy City failed to live up to its name and so did the Wright Flyer. The Wright Redux Association’s replica of the first real airplane couldn’t break the surly bonds of a Chicago lawn last Saturday, despite three attempts. “The Wrights flew into a 25-mph wind. I think we could have flown if we had that,” said Mike Gillian, pilot of the replica. Wind speeds on the lawn of the Museum of Science and Industry were estimated at just 5 mph and the faithful replica of the primitive engine just didn’t have the power to compensate. Of course the Wrights, tenacious as they were about achieving their goal, probably wouldn’t have left it at that and Wright Redux hasn’t ruled out another attempt, possibly in October. Regardless of that outcome, the wood-and-fabric replica is headed for a display inside the museum. The Wright Experience, builders of the replica that will (hopefully) fly on Dec. 17 at Kitty Hawk, have undoubtedly taken notice of the Chicago experience and will keep praying for the typically blustery conditions of the Outer Banks.