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Director of Maintenance wednesday 2023-02-15

Director of Maintenance wednesday 2023-02-15

We are partnered with an established aerial pipeline and patrol inspection service operation in Mesquite, TX to help identify a new Director of Maintenance. This individual will be responsible for the maintenance management of the company’s fleet of Cessna aircraft. In addition to managing fleet maintenance, this individual will also be responsible for the direct supervision of the maintenance team, and oversight of all maintenance performed on company aircraft.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Responsible for supervising all maintenance personnel
  • Responsible for establishing and enforcing policies and procedures that ensure the safe and reliable operation of the company aircraft.
  • Ensures that all inspections, repairs, and component changes are accomplished in accordance with manufacturers or FAA approved procedures.
  • Ensures that company aircraft are maintained in an airworthy condition.
  • Responsible for the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the maintenance programs.
  • Ensures all maintenance technicians are trained and current on the types of aircraft for which approved.
  • Responsible for ensuring the maintenance department is properly equipped and is staffed with properly trained and qualified personnel.
  • Ensures that all maintenance technicians are certified and supervised according to the requirements specified in the Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • Coordinates with maintenance contracting agencies when maintenance activities are being performed on company aircraft.
  • Maintains a close liaison with manufacturer‘s representatives, parts supply houses, repair facilities and the FAA.
  • Maintains all necessary work records and logbooks, including certification in the aircraft permanent maintenance records that the aircraft is approved for return to service.
  • Plan, budget and control all scheduled maintenance; assure quick maintenance response to aircraft-on-ground emergencies.
  • Inspects and recommends overhaul agencies which are capable of satisfactory service on all equipment at competitive prices within a reasonable time frame.
  • Determines spare parts and equipment requirements, then assures sufficient procurement lead-time to guarantee availability.
  • Assures certification, qualification, and competency of maintenance technicians prior to any maintenance operations