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HondaJet PIC wednesday 2023-03-29

HondaJet PIC wednesday 2023-03-29

We are partnered with a sizable operation looking for outstanding aviation professionals to join their team. With a diverse and growing fleet of executive jet aircraft, this is a great place for exceptional people looking for stability and a place to grow in executive aviation. Opportunity to earn a large equity share in the company for first three onboarded pilots. Home most nights and a very generous schedule with hard days off.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Final authority for the operation of the aircraft assigned
  • Responsible for safe and efficient transport of passengers and crew
  • Responsible for conducting the flight in a safe and prudent manner in accordance with company policies, Federal Aviation Administration regulations under Part 135 on-demand charter operations, and Department of Homeland Security regulations required of the flight operation
  • Authority to indicate a change in the planned flight during the flight when such a change is appropriate for the safe operation of the aircraft
  • Responsible for flight planning and coordinating changes in the flight schedule
  • Institute all necessary changes as required by conditions such that the flight may continue under appropriate procedures and rules
  • Ensures adherence to Company policies and procedures
  • Other duties as assigned