King Air 90 Pilot – Crescent City, CA wednesday 2023-02-22

    King Air 90 Pilot – Crescent City, CA wednesday 2023-02-22

    Cal-Ore Life Flight 

    King Air 90 Pilot

    Pilots get more with GMR Companies in 2022!

    • Very Competitive Base Wages as of July 2022
    • Competitive Geo-Modifiers %
    • 15K Sign-On Bonus after training!
    • 40K Retention Bonus after 36 Months
    • Off-Duty Housing at this location


    Our Fixed-Wing Pilots provide customer oriented, high quality air medical transport services in a safe and efficient manner. The pilot is expected to act as a proactive and integral team player, both in flight, and during ground operations, utilizing communication and technical skills which will strengthen the company goal of being held in highest regard within the EMS industry. | Job Description :

    We invite you to join a team of highly skilled emergency medical experts, pilots and mechanics!

    Our mission of providing care to the world at a moment’s notice is at the heart of everything we do. We are caregivers, first and foremost and we will be there when you need us.

    With more than 38,000 employees, Global Medical Response teams deliver compassionate, quality medical care, primarily in the areas of emergency and patient relocation services around the world. We provide end-to-end medical transportation as well as fire services, integrated healthcare solutions and disaster response.


    • Prepare and review to include but not limited to; flight plans, considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, cruise control data, airport facilities, navigational aids, and more.

    • Ensure proper aviation equipment is aboard the aircraft.

    • Ensure required airworthiness inspections are complete and previous discrepancies have been corrected or properly deferred in accordance for that aircraft (as applicable).

    • Complete the aircraft preflight inspection and perform preflight preparation.

    • Assures proper loading, distributing, and security of patients and other passengers.

    • Ensures provisions for passenger comfort and any special emergency equipment such as life vests are aboard (when required).

    • Operate aircraft at favorable altitudes taking into account turbulence, oxygen requirements and comfort of the passengers during the flight.

    • Complete any company paperwork or processes related to aircraft operation and aircraft discrepancies.

    • Ensure that copies of any reports submitted to the FAA under the authority of FAR 135.19 are also submitted to the Director of Operations in a timely manner.

    • Must be highly knowledgeable of the Company General Operations Manual, General Maintenance Manual, FAA Regulations, Aircraft Flight Manuals, and all other material pertinent to duties.

    • the Pilot in Command shall perform those duties stipulated throughout the General Operations Manual and specific responsibilities designated to the Second in Command by the company.

    • Assists in the safe and efficient operation of the flight.

    • Must be proficient in duties such as:

    o System monitoring

    o Fuel management

    o Weight and balance

    o Aircraft performance

    o Record keeping

    • Will advise the Pilot in Command of any abnormality during ground or flight operations.