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Operations Manager wednesday 2023-04-26

Operations Manager wednesday 2023-04-26

An exciting new opportunity in the Pittsburgh area is now available! A Part 135 is looking for an Operations Manager to oversee their aircraft dispatchers. We are a growing area charter company servicing Western Pennsylvania customers with their domestic and international travel needs.

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure that the company’s goals and objectives relating to aircraft utilization are achieved. Duties to be performed following all applicable FARs, Operations Specifications, company policies and procedures.
  • Oversee assigned duties of dispatchers and flight crewmembers are conducted per FAA regulations and PJC procedures.
  • Determine all assigned crewmembers are qualified and eligible to serve as a required crewmember in the aircraft and type of operation to which the crewmember is assigned.
  • Supervise the scheduling and assignment of trips to specific company aircraft.
  • Ensure that all aircraft assigned for use are listed in Operations Specification D-085 and that the aircraft is airworthy under PJC’s aircraft maintenance program.
  • Examine performance factors prior to developing a flight release for a specific mission.
  • Ensure pilot flight and duty times comply with applicable sections of FAR 135.
  • Supply all crews a Flight Release following PJC’s Operational Control Program.
  • Responsible for overseeing flight following.
  • Coordinate the scheduling of maintenance with the Director of Maintenance to properly support flight operations.
  • Follow all FARs, Operations Specifications, Company Policies, and Company Procedures.