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Volume 18, Number 30d
July 26, 2012
Bendix/King by Honeywell || Solo, But Not 
Solo, But Not Alone
Nothing compares to the freedom of flight. Pilot and aircraft, one with the elements. Today, that sense of freedom can quickly become clouded by complex technology. At Bendix/King, we're working to make the pilot's job easier. To anticipate every need. And develop innovative products and support to help you handle any situation. Safely. Simply. And with absolute confidence. We're pilot-focused and passion-fueled. Learn more at
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AVflash! Meet the FAA Administratorback to top 

A Senate committee is preparing to vote on FAA Administrator nominee Michael Huerta, who met with AVweb Wednesday at AirVenture and commented on third-class medicals, drones, ADS-B and more. Historically, the administrator's comments in these sessions are friendly, but cordial and carefully worded, as a matter of course. They generally do not reveal much about pending regulation, but they can provide a sense of the person behind the title ... if only a small one. Our session was recorded; click through to listen. If confirmed as administrator, Huerta will officially take the office with a lot on his plate. More...

Phillips 66® Aviation || The Most 
Trusted Wings in Aviation™
Phillips 66® Aviation — The Most Trusted Wings In Aviation™
On the go? When it comes to convenience and functionality, the WingPoints® app puts you in the pilot's seat. This no-cost app will allow you to plot your next flight. Plan your next purchase. Reward yourself with the WingPoints App. Just another reason why we are The Most Trusted Wings in Aviation™. Click here to learn more.
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Acting FAA Administrator Michael Huerta comments on Third Class medical certification, ADS-B, drones and more, as his nomination begins its trip into the Senate.

This podcast is brought to you by Avidyne, and Bendix/King by Honeywell, ForeFlight, and Sennheiser. More...

Click Here for the Best Insurance Quote || 
Our Agents Are Pilots!
Our Agents Are Pilots!
Talk to pilots who value your airplane, even before they insure it.
Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR-PROS.COM) will research your aircraft's market value before you buy, sell, trade, or renew. And we shop coverage options from all major aviation insurance markets to save you time and money — or expand coverage — for new owners, transitioning pilots, renters, FBOs — even flight schools.

Call (877) 247‑7767. Or click here.
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Garmin Readies for ADS-Bback to top 

Garmin has joined the portable ADS-B parade with their GDL 39. The receiver sits on the glareshield, receives both free weather and ADS-B traffic targets, and displays the data in Garmin's Pilot App for the iPad or on the aera 796 portable navigator. It's about the size of a sardine can, which makes it bigger than Sporty's Stratus, and is almost twice as large with the optional battery attached. That battery will also cost you $100 extra, and the traffic display might not be what you expect. More...

VoiceFlight || Aren't You Tired of 
Twisting Knobs?
VoiceFlight Demonstrating New VFS101 Features at Oshkosh
In addition to Victor Airways, the VFS101 has been enhanced to support Jet Airways and T/Q routes. The software has also been extended to include support for non-WAAS GPS. These features are operational now and can be tried in Hangar D at Oshkosh. The complimentary software upgrade will be available this fall. For VFS101 users that fly outside of the United States, VoiceFlight has signed an agreement with Jeppesen to offer international navigation data. Click here to view demo.
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Back to the Drawing Board for ATC Reporting?back to top 

An FAA program for non-punitive reporting of safety concerns among air traffic controllers needs "significant improvements" before it can become effective, according to a report issued last Thursday by the Transportation Department Office of Inspector General. "Failure to address potential deficiencies in transparency and accountability may lead to the perception that the Air Traffic Safety Action Program is an amnesty program," the report says. For example, although the reports are meant to reveal safety issues while protecting the controllers who submit them, the OIG says reports have been accepted in the program that address "air traffic controller conduct issues," rather than performance concerns. For example, these include controllers falling asleep, viewing a personal video player while on position, and refusing to take handoffs. More...

ForeFlight Mobile || Intelligent Apps for 
ForeFlight: Intelligent Apps for Pilots™
Best-in-class design, best-in-class pre-flight and in-flight weather, Touch Planning™, auto-routing, geo-referenced approach and enroute charts, aviation documents, and our Fanatical Pilot Support™ make ForeFlight Mobile for iPad aviation's most popular app. Learn more about ForeFlight — including our recently announced support for ADS-B in-flight weather via Stratus — on on the web at
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Standing Behind Skylane Dieselsback to top 

Fresh off the announcement that Cessna will offer a Skylane with an SMA diesel engine, SMA said Tuesday that Lycoming will support the engine in the field with parts and services. SMA's CEO Thierry Hurtes said in an interview with AVweb that the chief lesson SMA learned from marketing its original SR305 10 years ago is that a service and repair network is a must for any new engine entering the market. Although SMA doesn't have its own, Cessna and Lycoming -- both Textron units -- do and the companies have struck an agreement for SMA support parts to flow through the Lycoming parts chain. More...

Sennheiser S1 Headset || No-Risk Trial
Your Personal S1 Experience
With its revolutionary adaptive digital noise cancelation and customizable comfort features such as headband contact pressure adjustment, the S1 Digital is truly a headset that can be personalized for every user and every environment. We want you to experience this level of customization for yourself. For a limited time only, try an S1 Digital without risk for 30 days, share your experience with us, and get rewarded. Learn more.
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Good Year for Embraer, Good for Biz as a Whole?back to top 

This year could be "a pivotal year to recover market growth" for jet sales, said Ernie Edwards, president of Embraer Executive Jets, at a news conference at EAA AirVenture on Wednesday. "There were record corporate profits in the first quarter 2012 in the U.S.," he said. Buyers still seem reluctant to spend, he said, but he added that pre-owned aircraft sales are slowing down and bizjet traffic is "trending in the right direction," which he hopes are signs of "pent-up demand" and imminent recovery. Edwards also provided an update on the company's bizjet line and progress on new models. More...

Bose® A20™ Aviation Headset
Bose® A20® Aviation Headset
The Best We've Ever Made
Bose was the first to introduce active noise reducing headsets to aviation more than 20 years ago, forever changing the way pilots fly. Today, we continue to set the standard with the Bose A20 Aviation Headset. The headset provides acclaimed noise reduction, with a comfortable fit and the clear audio you expect from Bose. It also features Bluetooth® connectivity, an auxiliary audio input and priority switching. Learn more.
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Guarding Against Hypoxiaback to top 

ExtremeO2 Aviator has developed an aviation-focused conditioning process that trains the body to maintain oxygen blood saturation at altitude. The ExtremeO2 altitude contrast conditioning is said to help protect pilots from hypoxia and its effects on night vision while restoring brain function, increasing reflex speed, improving G-force recovery and enhancing tolerance to higher altitudes. It might also improve the quality of sleep while traveling and fight the effects of jet lag while offering stress remediation. More...

BRS Parachutes || When It Has to Work, 
Choose BRS
When It Has to Work — Choose BRS
276 Lives Saved and Counting
Join us at AirVenture Friday, July 27 at 11:30am at Forum Pavilion 06 to learn about two amazing saves by BRS ballistic parachute systems: a Cirrus SR-22 Bahamas splashdown after engine failure — and a low-altitude Cessna 182 save from 400 feet AGL over dense forest. More than 5,500 Cirrus SR-20s and SR-22s, hundreds of Cessna 172s and 182s, and thousands of experimental, ultralight, military, and UAV aircraft fly with BRS systems. Visit for more.
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Loading the body with oxygen in a structured program can improve performance at high altitudes. ExtremeO2 founder Mark Squibb spoke with AVweb's Larry Anglisano about the benefits.

This podcast is brought to you by Aspen Avionics, Aviation Insurance Resources, WxWorx XM WX Satellite Weather, Bose Corporation. More...

See More, Spend Less || Aspen Avionics
See More. Spend Less.
Aspen Avionics' innovative Evolution Flight Display technology clears your way to an affordable EFIS solution. Avoid expensive gyro overhauls and unexpected downtime with a reliable, leading-edge Evolution glass panel. Improve situational awareness, reduce pilot workload, and get more utility out of your airplane. Aspen Avionics delivers the industry's best value, with multi-display solutions starting about $15K. Aspen's breakthrough pricing makes it easy to fly with glass panel technology. Click here for more information.
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High-Tech HUDs for GAback to top 

New from Italian avionics manufacturer PAT Avionics is the G-HULP head up display system. HUD technology is common in military aircraft applications where pilots need to be looking out the windscreen while also monitoring critical flight data. The G-HULP HUD uses laser projection technology that superimposes on a transparent display postioned in front of the pilot and is designed for an easy and customizable attachment to the aircraft glareshield. More...

Pilot Workshops || Three Things You Should 
Never Say to ATC || Click Here to Find Out
Three Things You Should Never Say to ATC
Listen as two ATC pros share tips on better communication with ATC. Avoid these common mistakes and make your interactions more efficient and accurate. This is a sample from PilotWorkshops' Tip of the Week. Click here for this quick tip.
EAA AirVenture:Official Coverage Sponsor

Italian manufacturer PAT Avionics showed off their laser-generated heads up display at Airventure 2012.

This video is brought to you by Aspen Avionics, Aviation Insurance Resources, Bose Corporation, and ForeFlight. More...

Introducing the IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM || 
Introducing the IFD440 FMS/GPS/NAV/COM
As the newest member of Avidyne's integrated flight display family, the IFD440 provides the same powerful navigation, communication, and multi-function display capability as found in our award-winning Entegra Release 9 systems in a touchscreen, panel-mounted avionics form factor. In addition to the dedicated knobs and buttons that many pilots prefer for frequent pilot actions, the IFD440's Hybrid Touch capability allows pilots to perform virtually all of those same functions via the touchscreen interface. Click here for more information.
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Outside Oshkosh: The Red Bull Jumpback to top 

Red Bull skydiver Felix Baumgartner successfully jumped from a capsule at 96,640 feet above New Mexico on Wednesday morning, in a final test jump prior to an attempt to break the all-time freefall record of 102,800 feet, set in 1960. According to preliminary data, Red Bull said, his jump from a 5.3 million cubic-foot balloon achieved an altitude of over 96,640 feet. Baumgartner free-fell for 3 minutes and 48 seconds, reaching speeds of 536 mph. He landed in the desert about 15 minutes (by helicopter) away from the launch site in Roswell. "It's hard not to get emotional about today," said Art Thompson, technical director for the project. "We are just so glad to have Felix back on the ground after a long week with significant weather challenges. The crew did a great job." More...

SocialFlight || Where Are You Flying 
SocialFlight's iPad Giveaway! Where Are You Going to Fly Today?
Join the thousands of pilots using SocialFlight to discover aviation events across the U.S. Plan your weekend flying to make the most of your next airborne adventure. Pancake breakfasts, air shows, even FAA seminars — wherever you go, SocialFlight brings you the latest events on your iPad/iPhone, Android and on the web. Sign up with the no-cost SocialFlight app by August 15, 2012 for a chance to win an iPad!

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Boots on the Groundback to top 

At AirVenture 2012, Cessna showed up with its new 182 NXT SMA-powered diesel. The engine itself was a surprise, but not the fact that it was diesel. Question is, will the airplane be the world-beater that some imagine, just because it's a diesel? For the answer, says Paul Bertorelli on the AVweb Insider blog, we have to look outside the U.S. Read more and join the conversation. More...

click for photos
Amid all the excitement of press conferences and seminars, we still found time to walk the ground at AirVenture and snap some photos for those of you who couldn't make it. More...

XM WX Satellite Weather || Weather with 
Weather with Perspective
XM WX Satellite Weather gives you onboard perspective on the weather. Graphical data like Radar, Lightning, Winds and more enhance your situational awareness and is compatible with the industry's leading MFDs, EFBs, glass cockpits, and now the iPad. Additionally, flexible subscription options ensure you get the dataset that's right for you. Come see the latest from XM WX Satellite Weather at booths C-3037-3039 during AirVenture 2012 or visit us online at
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The Top Reporter on Our Crack Staff ... Is You!back to top 

Have you had your aircraft interior redone in the past five years? If so, our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, wants to hear about it. Please take a moment to answer this completely confidential survey and help your fellow aircraft owners find the best shop to replace their 1970s Royalite-and-velour with something less embarrassing. More...

Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something 255,000 pilots might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via email to What have you heard? More...

912 Rotax Training Available at California 
Power Systems
912 Rotax Training Available at California Power Systems
California Power Systems still has space available for Rotax training in August. Our training facility is located at the Chino Airport (CNO) in Chino, California. If you own a Rotax engine and want to do your own maintenance, you need to consider attending these courses. With over 40,000 912 engines produced, it's obvious these engines will continue to be the leader in light sport aviation. For more information and to sign up, please call us at 1 (800) AIR‑WOLF or visit 800‑
Names Behind the Newsback to top 


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