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Volume 18, Number 52c
December 28, 2012 || Intelligent Apps for 
Flying IFR? ForeFlight Mobile Pro Is for You
ForeFlight Mobile Pro for iPad is a must-have service for instrument-rated pilots flying in IMC. The instrument procedures organizer, the instrument procedure search, and the enhanced situational awareness provided by ForeFlight's best-in-class TrueTaxi and TruePlates geo-referenced airport diagrams and approach charts make each IFR flight a joy.

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Flight Safetyback to top 


Kick the tires, light the fires. So goes a popular, flippant saying about preflight inspections. Most of the time, that's what we and various accident reports would label an "inadequate preflight inspection." Sometimes—immediately after stopping long enough to drop off or load a passenger, for example—it might be adequate. After all, we just flew it in here—it's a perfectly good airplane; why bother risking burnt fingers to check the engine oil or soiling our clothes to check tire pressure? Indeed, we don't go to such trouble when getting in a car; why are we conducting an inspection at all?

That's easy: Because despite the overall safety of general aviation, regardless of our comfort with flying and/or with the specific airplane, the hard truth is that airplanes are terribly unforgiving of mechanical imperfection. The chance of an engine failure, partially blocked control travel, errant bird's nest or a structural issue is very slight, but the consequences of any of these can be heartlessly severe. My first flight instructor taught me to take the time to thoroughly inspect an airplane because, "The airplane is trying to kill you; it's up to you to catch it in time." That's the attitude with which we need to inspect our airplanes.

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Analysis and Commentaryback to top 

That's especially true if you just sunk several thousand bucks into a traffic box to find airplanes that are unlikely to kill you. In an analysis and commentary on the AVweb Insider blog, resident blogger Paul Bertorelli crunches the numbers and reveals that stalls and stall-related accidents continue to be near the top of a long list of dreary ways that pilots manage to kill themselves. Why can't we do better? Why is it that some pilots seem conceptually unable to grasp that beyond a certain angle of attack, the wing will simply no longer deliver useful lift? We're not sure there's an easy answer -- or maybe any answer at all -- but we do know that owners worrying about mid-airs are suffering from misplaced fears. Read more and join the conversation. More...

IFR Mastery || Online at
Online Scenario Training for IFR Pilots
Instrument-rated pilots can experience a new type of online, scenario-based training produced by Called IFR Mastery, the program uses a combination of video, audio, live survey, online quiz, and private discussion forum to tackle a challenging IFR scenario and work through a recommended course of action. Taught by PilotWorkshops' team of nationally recognized expert instructors, IFR Mastery presents new scenarios each month. Click here to find out more.
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As much as we love them, iron gyros are on their way to the scrap heap of history. They're even losing their value as backup instruments to glass panels now that glass itself has become more reliable and affordable enough to replace even analog backup devices. In this new video from AVweb, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano examines a new product from Mid-Continent Instruments and Avonics called the SAM. It fits into a small space on the panel and can be backed up with its own lithium-ion battery. Installation considerations are mimimal, but here's a close look at how the instrument looks and performs. More...

A Life Insurance Policy That Returns All of Your Premiums? — YES
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Laura Armstrong, director of giving for the unique Lighthawk volunteer group, talks with AVweb's Mary Grady about how volunteer pilots and general aviation aircraft help to promote the cause of conservation and save wildlife.

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If so, the staff of Aviation Consumer would like to know what you think of it. Almost two years ago, Garmin introduced the GTN-series navigators to update its mega-popular GNS products. If you've been flying behind one, tell us what you think of it by taking this survey. It'll only take five minutes. More...

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