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Volume 19, Number 1c
January 4, 2013
Bose® A20™ Aviation Headset
Bose® A20® Aviation Headset
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The fresh bloom of interactive applications available on portable devices today is changing how pilots fly, but if has its way it may also be changing why you fly -- and for all the right reasons. SocialFlight's creators have lofty goals. They aim to improve your business connections, your social life, your flying life, and ultimately drive sustainability if not growth in the statistically shrinking GA segment, all free of charge. It's sunshine and roses level stuff. But here's the twist: according to Jason Clemens, vice president of marketing for Where2 Interactive (SocialFlight's developer), "between summer 2012 and January 2013, we got 12,000 pilots signed up." And if the business provides those users with what it intends to provide, SocialFlight could deliver real gains for GA. Even more important, because of its business model, the effort may not have to become profitable for its developers, or anyone else, to still grow and provide a sustained and increasingly useful service for pilots and the GA community as a whole.

So What Is It? Clemens' answer drew a line from the poetic to the practical, which further defines the driving principles behind SocialFlight. "Passion is the reason for existence. Most people have one -- anything from motorcycles, to skiing, to cars, to collecting … whatever. But whether it's the pace of life or the economy, it's harder and harder for people to immerse themselves in their passions. So, how can we make it easier? That's what we're about -- making it easy."

At its core, SocialFlight it's an event aggregator … a database. It actively seeks out, collects and retains information regarding every pilot-oriented event about which it is informed, or that its employees can find through active search. It creates and presents (online, via email, and through its app) organized collections of those events. The events can be displayed in list form, or on a map, and might include everything from a local individual's public invitation to stop by for hangar talk, to FAA organized TRACON tours, to safety seminars, to EAA Chapter pancake breakfasts … even a manufacturer's invitation to fly their latest model. Essentially, SocialFlight aims to collect any aviation-relevant event that pilots are passionate about and present them in a simple straightforward way to its members. To make that potential barrage of information more useful, it also provides users with tools to keep the events organized and make sure they're relevant to the user's interests. Members can set parameters that triage and sort the events by date, distance from a location, type of event, and a group of other user-specified parameters. By the start of 2013, SocialFlight had collected and presented some 4,000 upcoming aviation events for its 12,000 members. But its creators see more purpose to the free product, they aim to make money, and both of those things could actually help you.

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As long as you don't require flap-position sensing, an AoA system is a minor alteration. But the FAA may relent on more integrated systems soon.

We're told that somewhere there's an Israeli air tactics manual that contains the line, "Speed is life." Good thinking for fighter pilots, but down here in the more mundane world of GA, it's probably more appropriate to say, "Angle of attack is life."

AoA sensors in GA airplanes are as rare as $4 avgas, so we use airspeed as a proxy to get the right angle for approach and landing. One problem with airspeed is that most of us only know the right airspeed for gross weight at sea level on a standard day. If we're light, we tend to come in fast and curse the floating landing that ensues. The other end of the problem is getting too slow, or pulling the plane into a high-g-loading stall far above the wings-level stalling speed. The result when at low altitude can be grisly.

Oddly, there have been at least four companies offering reasonably priced AoA detectors for over 15 years. They're flying in experimental aircraft and plenty of certified birds. Some new interest from the FAA in the safety payoff of AoA indicators may shake things up, even though there hasn't been a policy change yet.

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If 2012 was the year that wasn't for general aviation sales, then 2013 is the year that could be. AVweb spoke with aviation industry analyst Richard Aboulafia of Teal Group. Aboulafia said that modest gains expected in 2012 never really materialized outside of heavy iron sales, but there may be reason to hope that shifting financial conditions might begin to lift the industry's smaller players in 2013.

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Peter Drucker Says,
"The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Create It"

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