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OpenAirplane: Maximizing Your Pilot's License
For those who don’t own an airplane, the pilot certificate often turns off when the pilot is away from their home base because the process of renting an aircraft while away from home can be a hassle. OpenAirplane hopes to change this. Read More
Best Price Magnetos & Harnesses for 
Continental & Lycoming Engines
Continental Motors Provides Best Price on Magnetos and Harnesses
Formerly Bendix Ignition Systems; available only through Continental Motors Authorized Distributors. In stock and ready for immediate shipment. Click ad at left for pricing matrix with part numbers.

Don't Accept Anything But the Gold – Gold Standard Magnetos from Continental.

Consider Continental Motors before purchasing your next set of magnetos. To order, call (877) 777-1870 or (251) 990-5080.
Pilot's Money Saving Tips, Blog
Brent Owens is a professional pilot, RV-8 builder, and former (and current) AVweb podcast subject who has recently found the attention of aviation publications for his written articles and his latest endeavor -- a blog dedicated to money-saving tips for pilots. The website,, is a collection of articles that detail methods that can help keep costs down for aircraft owners, reduce costs for renters, and showcase the more affordable routes to aircraft ownership and flying for aspiring and current pilots. All the information currently on the website is free. Read More
Podcast: Keeping Flying Affordable
A quick follow-up with a former podcast interviewee, RV-8 builder Brent Owens, finds him engaged in a new endeavor -- an online blog ( dedicated to sharing tips on keeping flying affordable. Read More
Safelog || The World's Most Trusted Electronic 
Pilot Logbook System
Safelog Is the World's Most Trusted Electronic Pilot Logbook System!
Suitable for student pilots through senior captains, Safelog features legendary flexibility and ease of use. Available for PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, web, Mac (through emulation), and more. Stuck with some underperforming other logbook? Join thousands of others by taking advantage of our complimentary transition service and step up to the power, value, stability, and professionalism of Safelog. Try a demo or learn more at
AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Video: ForeFlight 5.3 Preview
As AirVenture 2013, ForeFlight was showing off the latest version of its popular app, and it now includes Canadian charts, a unique plate overlay feature, and helicopter charts for U.S. pilots. In this AVweb Product Minute, ForeFlight's Jason Miller gives us a tour of the app's new high points. Read More
Garmin Traffic 
Track More Targets with Garmin GTS™ 825 & 855
The new Garmin GTS 825 and GTS 855 traffic systems keep an eye on even more targets, so you can stay even safer in the skies. They combine active and passive (like ADS-B) surveillance technologies to track up to 75 intruder threats to 40 or 80 nm, respectively, and provide both visual and audible alerts. Learn more.
Understanding Flow Control
When there is too much metal and too little airspace, ATC has methods to cut the congestion, reduce cost, and improve safety. Read More
AVweb/Aviation Consumer Avgas/Mogas Survey
As the quest for a replacement for 100LL drags into its third decade, our sister publication Aviation Consumer, is seeking opinions from owners, pilots and aircraft operators on how you think the process is going. The FAA has established a special office devoted to a replacement for 100LL and piston fuel in general. We would like to know if you've followed the process and if so, what you think of it. And how about mogas? We have some questions on that, too. Read More
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AVweb Insider Blog:
No Wonder Kids Don't Want to Fly
Paul Bertorelli has been musing -- always a dangerous development -- on whether Disney's 'Planes' will inspire the young folks to become pilots. Growing up as he did in Beaver Cleaver's neighborhood, he's expressing serious doubts that a mere movie can convey the magic of learning to fly. Click here to join the conversation. Read More
Kansas Aircraft Corporation || Unrivaled 
Citation Factory Knowledge
AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Video: Bendix/King's myWingman
At AirVenture 2013, Bendix/King released the fourth major upgrade of its popular myWingman navigation app. In this AVweb Product Minute, Bendix/King's Roger Jollis offers a video summary of the new version's major features, including revised operational interface, terrain warnings, and support for major ADS-B/AHRS products such as Clarity, Dual XGPS, and iLevil. Read More
3 Things You Should Never Say to ATC || Click 
to Find Out What They Are ...
AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Video: Dual Electronics' XGPS170 ADS-B
The XGPS170 is a combination GPS and ADS-B weather and traffic receiver from Dual Electronics. Dual's Greg Lukins gives a tour of the unit at AirVenture 2013. Read More