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The AOPA Summit that opens on Thursday in Fort Worth, Texas, may be the last of its kind, but the turnout is strong -- many of the events are sold out, and the convention floor is filled with more than 400 exhibitors, plus 70 aircraft on static display at nearby Meacham Field. Mark Baker, AOPA's new president, will open the event on Thursday morning, with a talk where he'll lay out his ideas and vision for the future of the organization. Cirrus and Epic Aircraft also will offer updates on the projects they have in the works. Several avionics manufacturers are scheduled to introduce new products here this week, and lots of aviation inspiration will be on hand, from the story of a wounded warrior who learned to fly, to the memoirs of a pilot who flew Marine One, the presidential helicopter. Read More
EESys — Makers of Trans-Ind®, the Aircraft Transmit Indicator
When you're in marginal weather with low fuel and uncomfortable passengers, you need to know your radio is working now. That radio check half an hour ago does not guarantee your transmitter is working now. Trans-Ind® confirms that your transmitter, microphone, and antenna are working every time you transmit.

Electrical Efficiency Systems,
On the eve of AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, AOPA spokesman Steve Hedges talked with AVweb's Mary Grady about the changes in how the organization will be reaching out to members in the future -- and highlighted some of the impressive events scheduled this week. Read More
Tired of Waiting for Avionics Upgrades?
Stop putting off your avionics upgrade. With rebates on almost our full range of avionics, there's never been a better time to add some hardware. Cash back is available for GTN® touchscreen avionics, G600/G500 flight displays, ADS-B solutions, weather radar, audio panels, transponders, and much more. Learn more about our Tired of Waiting Rebates.
Dynon Avionics has followed up it's popular D1 Pocket Panel portable EFIS with a new product called the D2, which features wireless connectivity to five tablet apps, In today's AVweb coverage of AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, Dynon's Rob Hamilton gives us a demonstration of the new EFIS. Read More
New iPad Display || MGF Sight Line 
iPad Display — Built for the Cockpit
New! MGF Sight Line Display. Head up, eyes out. Takes the heat and sun.
The iPad wasn't built for the rigors of the cockpit. It can't take the heat or be seen in sunlight, and it can be difficult to mount. See the new MGF Sight Line Display that solves all these problems. For additional information and to sign up for updates, click here.

Come check it out at AOPA Summit booth #1102.
Phone (303) 364-7400 or visit
At AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, Dynon Avionics introduced a new product called the D2 Pocket Panel. It follows the company's popular D1 EFIS, but the new product, rather than being limited to a built-in display, communicates wirelessly with tablet apps. Read More
Visit Starr Aviation's Booth 1518 and Enter to Win an iPad
Join Starr Aviation at Summit for a chance to win an iPad and to find your aviation insurance solution. Starr Aviation understands how to insure airplanes by offering comprehensive coverage for your aviation risk. We cover owners, renters, flight instructors, clubs, and refurbished and antique aircraft, in addition to Ag and Rotor. Discover all Starr has to offer at booth 1518, and the iPad could be yours to use in the sky! Click here to visit
Garmin showed up at AOPA Summit in Fort Worth with a new gadget called the D2. It's a sophisticated new pilot watch that includes GPS navigation, altimetry with alerting and a range of other high level features. It will sell for $449. Get a look at it in today's video coverage of Summit. Read More
Sennheiser Welcomes S1 NoiseGard to the S1 
Join Us in Welcoming the S1 Family and Win an iPad Mini™
The launch of our new S1 NoiseGard with state-of-the art analog noise cancelation technology marks the completion of the S1 Family. Try out the S1 NoiseGard or our groundbreaking S1 Digital with digital adaptive noise reduction, adjustable headband tension, and Bluetooth technology and give yourself a chance to win a new iPad Mini™. Learn more.
At AOPA Summit, Garmin International is showing off something new: a sophisticated pilot watch that features GPS navigation, built-in altimetry with alerting, multiple timers, and even wireless camera control. The new gadget sells for $449 is expected to be available in November. Read More
BendixKing || Trade Up and Save on New 
Avionics || Start Now
Stack Up on Savings by Turning Your Old Avionics into New Ones
Save time, save money, and save your legacy BendixKing equipment for trade-up credit towards the purchase of select new avionics.* It's our way of making upgrades easier and economical. Simply contact a BendixKing dealer for trade-in options and credit. See how much you can save now!

* Qualifying products include KMA 30 Bluetooth Audio Panel, KSN 770 WAAS-Enabled GPS/NavCom, and the KT 74 ADS-B-ready Mode S Transponder.
In a letter sent to members of Congress and President Obama, NBAA said on Tuesday the ongoing federal shutdown has "grave repercussions" on the general aviation industry, forcing a "halt in the purchase, sale and production of all new general aviation airplane parts or aircraft." NBAA says none of those things can occur without the written approval of the federal government, including the purchase and use of small GA aircraft for business transport. "Until the FAA Registry in Oklahoma City opens, an important American industry remains on an indefinite layover," NBAA President Ed Bolen wrote. Read More
Bose® A20® Aviation 
Bose® A20® Aviation Headset
Focus on what matters. Flying.
Better sound matters. So does comfort. That's why the A20 headset is designed with proprietary ear cushions to provide quality acoustic seals, even over eyeglasses. So you can fly comfortably for hours. And 30% greater noise reduction than conventional noise-reducing aviation headsets means you hear more of what you need to hear. Also features Bluetooth® communications interface,* auxiliary audio input, and priority switching. Learn more.

* Available in certain variants of the headset.
Seventy-seven-year-old non-pilot passenger John Wildey became his own rescuer when he took the controls of a Cessna 172 at night, Tuesday, and with the help of an instructor on the ground, landed safely at Humberside airport, UK, after the plane's pilot lost consciousness. The pilot was removed from the cockpit after the landing and later died at a local hospital. Early reports suggest the cockpit was dimly lit and the aircraft was not operating external lights -- complicating things for both Wildey and his helpers on the ground. The aircraft's landing came on a fourth attempt and it was not smooth. Read More
XM WX Satellite Weather || Weather with 
Weather with Perspective
XM WX Satellite Weather gives you onboard perspective on the weather. Graphical data like Radar, Lightning, Winds, and more enhance your situational awareness and are compatible with the industry's leading MFDs, EFBs, glass cockpits, and now the iPad. Additionally, flexible subscription options ensure you get the dataset that's right for you. Come see the latest from XM WX Satellite Weather at booth 922 during AOPA Summit or visit us online at
According to figures release by the FAA, fatal accidents involving aircraft registered in the experimental category fell 25 percent from 2012 to 2013, EAA reported. For 2012, 73 accidents involved fatalities in the category. In 2013, the number dropped to 55. The number of lives lost to accidents was also down, but by a lower amount, providing an 18-percent decrease. EAA says it has been working to promote transition and recurrent training as endemic with pilots of experimental aircraft and that it is "cautiously optimistic" the the figures reflect its safety initiatives gaining a foothold in the community of experimental pilots. However, some important and relevant numbers are not yet factored in. Read More
Bad Elf GPS
Rock-Solid GPS for the iPad in Any Aircraft — Piston or Jet!
The Bad Elf GPS Pro accessory was designed for demanding use in multi-crew and jet aircraft, providing high-performance WAAS GPS reception even with heated windshields. It connects wirelessly with up to five iPad or iPhone devices simultaneously, has a 16+ hour battery life, and the large LCD display shows your GPS status at all times.

Works great with ForeFlight, JeppFD, WingX, Garmin Pilot, and any other location-based app. Flying worldwide in piston singles, Fortune 50 fleets, and charter aircraft — even airlines! Click here for more information.
For 13 years, a team of warbird enthusiasts in Melbourne, Australia, has been trying to learn the fate of dozens of Spitfires abandoned at a military airfield after World War II -- according to local legend, some of the airplanes may have been buried in fields or hidden in mineshafts to save them from being scrapped. The group is now trying to raise money to continue their research and complete a film about the effort -- and perhaps, find a Spitfire. Any aircraft they find would be donated to a museum, according to James Carter, a researcher on the team. The Australian effort has no apparent link to a British attempt to exhume buried Spitfires in Burma, which ended empty-handed early this year. Read More
Aircraft Spruce at AOPA Summit || October 
10-12, 2013
Visit Aircraft Spruce at AOPA Summit
Aircraft Spruce will be at the AOPA Aviation Summit in Fort Worth, Texas on October 10-12, 2013. We are a strategic partner and proud sponsor of AOPA. Please visit our booth to get great discounts, meet our customer-friendly Aircraft Spruce team, and enter in our daily drawing to win a $150 gift card! We will be located at booth 1200. For more information about the event, please visit
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Flying Eyes Sunglasses || Bifocal and Full 
Prescription Lenses Available
Mooney Aircraft Company has reportedly been sold to a Chinese company and indications are the intention is to resume production, build aircraft components and service the used aircraft market, mainly in China and Asia. Meijing Group, a Chinese real estate company, expected to close the deal on Tuesday and finalize the sale sometime in November according to, a Chinese news website. Read More
Micro Vortex Generators || Micro 
As expected, AOPA has filed a detailed defense of its FlyQ online flight planning tool against a $66 million patent infringement suit launched July 29 by SD Holdings LLC, a Washington State company that holds two patents concerning online travel and flight planning services. AOPA asked the U.S. District Court in Portland, OR for dismissal of the suit or, alternatively, to have the case moved to Maryland, where it is based. Read More
5,000 Events - 20,000 Users - It's All 
Happening Here || Get the SocialFlight App
Redbird Skyport's offer to fill your airplane's tank for $1 a gallon during October has drawn so much activity that the organizers have decided to end the promotion two weeks early, spokesman Jeff Van West said on Tuesday. "In preparing for this experiment, we planned for traffic averaging eight times normal," said Van West. "Actual response has been four times higher than that -- over 30 times our normal volume. By the end of the first week, we'd reached our data collection goal for the entire month." The incessant demand has become "unmanageable" for the Skyport staff, he said. Read More
Get the 2014 FAR/AIM When You Download the ASA 
Reader App During AOPA Summit 2013
A well-regulated FAA, being necessary to the security of your pilot certificate, the right of the aviators to keep and fly aircraft, shall not be infringed. Knowledge is power, so preserve your rights by acing this quiz.

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WingX Pro 7 || Aviation Consumer's Best iPad 
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Shatter the Glass Barrier with Over $2K 
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The government's partial shutdown may be having a minor effect on pilot training and certification, but it's likely to snowball rapidly as applications backup and training grinds to a halt. Read More
ForeFlight || Ready to Copy
Electronics International (EI)
Our recent survey showed that more owners are interested in burning mogas and those that already are have no complaints. What's it going to take to get this stuff wider distribution? Read More