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A new free app from King Schools makes it easy for users to transfer their content to a variety of electronic devices, John King told AVweb in an interview at AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas, on Friday. "You can now be in an airliner and put on your earphones and take a course on your iPad or other device, and you don't have to be connected to the Internet," John King said. Martha King said the school also has created a new flight instructor refresher course especially for helicopter instructors that is ready to go, but it awaits official approval from a now shut-down FAA office. Read More
XM WX Satellite Weather || Weather with 
Weather with Perspective
XM WX Satellite Weather gives you onboard perspective on the weather. Graphical data like Radar, Lightning, Winds, and more enhance your situational awareness and are compatible with the industry's leading MFDs, EFBs, glass cockpits, and now the iPad. Additionally, flexible subscription options ensure you get the dataset that's right for you. Come see the latest from XM WX Satellite Weather at booth 922 during AOPA Summit or visit us online at
In a conversation with AVweb's Mary Grady at AOPA Summit this week, John and Martha King of King Schools said they want to encourage all pilots to be mentors to other pilots who are less experienced than themselves. They also talked about a new app that makes it easy to take their computer-based courses on the road with you, and they offered some insight into their approach to flight instructor refresher training. Read More
Bad Elf GPS
Rock-Solid GPS for the iPad in Any Aircraft — Piston or Jet!
The Bad Elf GPS Pro accessory was designed for demanding use in multi-crew and jet aircraft, providing high-performance WAAS GPS reception even with heated windshields. It connects wirelessly with up to five iPad or iPhone devices simultaneously, has a 16+ hour battery life, and the large LCD display shows your GPS status at all times.

Works great with ForeFlight, JeppFD, WingX, Garmin Pilot, and any other location-based app. Flying worldwide in piston singles, Fortune 50 fleets, and charter aircraft — even airlines! Click here for more information.
CSC Duats, which provides free FAA weather, flight planning, and flight-plan filing at its website, is now working to bring free Duats weather services into the cockpit, program manager Leon Thomas said at AOPA Summit on Friday. The company is working with a satellite provider to develop a system that will deliver full current weather at no charge, although users may need to purchase hardware to access the system, and will have to pay for the satellite link. "We'll be able to pump everything up to the cockpit," Thomas said. Launch of the product is 12 to 18 months away, he said. He also said CSC Duats has recently launched a Tripkit function, which makes it easier for pilots to organize their data. Read More
EESys — Makers of Trans-Ind®, the Aircraft Transmit Indicator
When you're in marginal weather with low fuel and uncomfortable passengers, you need to know your radio is working now. That radio check half an hour ago does not guarantee your transmitter is working now. Trans-Ind® confirms that your transmitter, microphone, and antenna are working every time you transmit.

Electrical Efficiency Systems,
If you’re interested in comparing the top performing noise-cancelling headsets, AOPA Summit is the place to be. A mysterious booth called Giant of Quiet offers all of the major brands for a trial against a noise generator and you can compare five of the top models from Lightspeed, Sennheiser, Bose and David Clark. If you buy a headset--any brand--you'll get a $25 coupon. Read More
Tired of Waiting for Avionics Upgrades?
Stop putting off your avionics upgrade. With rebates on almost our full range of avionics, there's never been a better time to add some hardware. Cash back is available for GTN® touchscreen avionics, G600/G500 flight displays, ADS-B solutions, weather radar, audio panels, transponders, and much more. Learn more about our Tired of Waiting Rebates.
At AOPA Summit, you can try all of the major ANR headsets in a single booth and fill out a survey form to quantify exactly what you think of each one. If you buy any of the headsets from any manufacturer, Giant of Quiet will give you a $25 coupon toward the purchase. We'll play the game here and refrain from identifying which company is sponsoring the mystery headset challenge. Read More
New iPad Display || MGF Sight Line 
iPad Display — Built for the Cockpit
New! MGF Sight Line Display. Head up, eyes out. Takes the heat and sun.
The iPad wasn't built for the rigors of the cockpit. It can't take the heat or be seen in sunlight, and it can be difficult to mount. See the new MGF Sight Line Display that solves all these problems. For additional information and to sign up for updates, click here.

Come check it out at AOPA Summit booth #1102.
Phone (303) 364-7400 or visit
The cost of fuel is a constant concern for pilots, and Jack Pelton told AVweb's Paul Bertorelli at AOPA Summit this week that EAA will do what it can to help control those costs and keep airplanes flying. Pelton also discussed EAA's conflict with FAA over paying for controller staff at AirVenture. Read More
Visit Starr Aviation's Booth 1518 and Enter to Win an iPad
Join Starr Aviation at Summit for a chance to win an iPad and to find your aviation insurance solution. Starr Aviation understands how to insure airplanes by offering comprehensive coverage for your aviation risk. We cover owners, renters, flight instructors, clubs, and refurbished and antique aircraft, in addition to Ag and Rotor. Discover all Starr has to offer at booth 1518, and the iPad could be yours to use in the sky! Click here to visit
When leaders of the Recreational Aviation Foundation work to protect access to backcountry airstrips, one objection they often hear from park officials is that the noise disturbs wildlife, says RAF executive director John McKenna -- a claim he hopes to dispute, thanks to a $10,000 research grant from AOPA's new "Giving Back" grant program. "We don't know for sure if the noise disturbs the animals or if it doesn't," he said. "But with this study, we'll be able to get some data." The RAF grant application was written by four Ph.Ds from various universities, said McKenna, who have volunteered to do the study and plan to submit their research to a peer-reviewed publication to provide scholarly credibility to their results. Read More
ASA Congratulates Greg 
Congratulations to Greg Brown!
ASA would like to congratulate Greg Brown as he receives the 2013 Let's Go Flying Award for his ongoing contributions and inspiration to the flight training community. This award honors an individual or organization that best demonstrates the passion and commitment needed to secure the future of general aviation by ensuring that there are pilots to fly. Greg is the author of numerous ASA books, including Flying Carpet: The Soul of an Airplane, The Savvy Flight Instructor, and You Can Fly! Learn more about Greg and his books here.
Cirrus has created a new program to help train pilots about using the parachute on their aircraft, company spokesman Todd Simmons said at AOPA Summit this week. Read More
Sennheiser Welcomes S1 NoiseGard to the S1 
Join Us in Welcoming the S1 Family and Win an iPad Mini™
The launch of our new S1 NoiseGard with state-of-the art analog noise cancelation technology marks the completion of the S1 Family. Try out the S1 NoiseGard or our groundbreaking S1 Digital with digital adaptive noise reduction, adjustable headband tension, and Bluetooth technology and give yourself a chance to win a new iPad Mini™. Learn more.
Mark Scheuer, the founder of PS Engineering, came to AOPA Summit this week to announce a special offer for pilots who are now flying with Garmin's GMA340 -- ask your avionics shop to swap in a PMA8000B audio panel for a free trial, and fly with it for up to two weeks. "Really, you're going to know after that first flight, if this is what you want," said Scheuer. But if you want to keep it for a week or two, that's fine, he said. Among its other features, the panel enables pilots to monitor radio calls while passengers hear only music. "We also have tweaked it so the pilot can hear music too, but any communications from the radio will cut in," Scheuer said. The offer covers installation and labor costs, so there is no risk for the pilot. Read More
BendixKing || Trade Up and Save on New 
Avionics || Start Now
Stack Up on Savings by Turning Your Old Avionics into New Ones
Save time, save money, and save your legacy BendixKing equipment for trade-up credit towards the purchase of select new avionics.* It's our way of making upgrades easier and economical. Simply contact a BendixKing dealer for trade-in options and credit. See how much you can save now!

* Qualifying products include KMA 30 Bluetooth Audio Panel, KSN 770 WAAS-Enabled GPS/NavCom, and the KT 74 ADS-B-ready Mode S Transponder.
SocialFlight, a free app and web tool that helps aviators find local aviation events, now will be listing online events such as interactive seminars or webcams at air shows, company president Jeff Simon said Friday, at AOPA Summit in Fort Worth, Texas. "Now anyone can host an event," said Simon. "That's the key." A variety of widely available web tools make it easy to produce and host events online, and SocialFlight's "active and vibrant community" provides a ready audience, unrestricted by geography, Simon said. The new feature will launch with two events hosted by Spencer Aircraft, in Puyallup, Wash. -- a live interactive demo about how to cover a fabric airplane, and a live seminar about mountain flying in the Northwest. Times and dates are still being finalized, but will be announced soon, Simon said. Read More
Bose® A20® Aviation 
Bose® A20® Aviation Headset
Focus on what matters. Flying.
Better sound matters. So does comfort. That's why the A20 headset is designed with proprietary ear cushions to provide quality acoustic seals, even over eyeglasses. So you can fly comfortably for hours. And 30% greater noise reduction than conventional noise-reducing aviation headsets means you hear more of what you need to hear. Also features Bluetooth® communications interface,* auxiliary audio input, and priority switching. Learn more.

* Available in certain variants of the headset.
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