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This is a re-send of this morning's issue, which shipped with broken links. Please accept our apologies. The links in this corrected edition will allow you to navigate our daily coverage of NBAA.
Cessna CEO Scott Ernest told aviation media at NBAA 2013 in Las Vegas the company's made-in-China S-LSA Skycatcher has "no future" but he didn't have much to say about it other than that. His answers were also short when he was asked about the progress of the diesel-powered Cessna TurboSkylane JT-A following the test article's off-airport landing earlier this year. Asked specifically about the Skycatcher, Ernest responded "There's no future for the SkyCatcher." When asked if the company was ending production of the LSA, Ernest answered by repeating, "there's no future." Ernest told reporters that Cessna's TurboSkylane JT-A program was supported by the company. He declined to directly address the test aircraft's mishap and when asked if that meant the aircraft hasn't flown since the incident, Ernest said, "I just answered the question." So, AVweb asked for more details. Read More
The future of Cessna single-engine programs caught the attention of media attending NBAA 2013 in Las Vegas. AVweb's Glenn Pew talked with Jodi Noah about the full range of propeller-driven products. Read More
XM WX Satellite Weather || Weather with 
Weather with Perspective
XM WX Satellite Weather gives you onboard perspective on the weather. Graphical data like Radar, Lightning, Winds, and more enhance your situational awareness and are compatible with the industry's leading MFDs, EFBs, glass cockpits, and now the iPad. Additionally, flexible subscription options ensure you get the dataset that's right for you. Come see the latest from XM WX Satellite Weather at booth N1325 during the NBAA Convention or visit us online at
Dassault unveiled the only new clean-sheet design so far at NBAA 2013 in Las Vegas on Monday and it appears aimed at maintaining its standing in the mid-to-super-midsize market. The Falcon 5X is described as the "biggest and most advanced Falcon jet." Read More
New range, new power, new jet with more room -- from Dassault. Unveiled at the National Business Aviation Association exhibition held in Las Vegas in October 2013, the Dassault Falcon 5X is the company's latest offering. Read More
iLevil || Levil 
Levil Technology's Line of AHRS/ADS-B Receivers Just Got Better!
Offering the most compatibility with your favorite apps and uncontested AHRS performance, the iLevil SW has been known as the most flexible AHRS/ADS-B system in the market. Levil Technology is now introducing the iLevil AW, featuring internal pressure sensors that measure indicated airspeed, pressure altitude, and VSI when connected to the pitot-static system of a homebuilt or light sport aircraft. Check out the iLevil at AirVenture Oshkosh or visit our web site here.
Beechcraft delivered the first of perhaps many King Air 350i aircraft to Wheels Up, a start-up membership-based service that will take as many as 105 of the twin turboprops if things work out as hoped. "Today’s delivery is the culmination of many months of collaborative work between the Beechcraft and Wheels Up teams to structure a program for mutual success,” said Shawn Vick, Beechcraft VP of Sales and Marketing. Read More
Beechcraft's King lives on with new upgrades in the 350i model. Read More
New FAA-Approved Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC)
AceCFI's new online FIRC lets CFIs keep their flight instructor certificates active for an entire lifetime for ONE payment of $99.95. Additionally, the course allows CFIs to receive their temporary airman certificates by e-mail with no paperwork or hassle involved. Lesson material includes human factors, aviation accident case studies, pilot deviation reports pulled from the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), and more. Go to to register.
True Blue Power unveiled two new lithium ion batteries for general aviation aircraft Monday at the 2013 National Business Aviation Association convention in Las Vegas. The Wichita-based company, which is a subsidiary of Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics, introduced ship's power batteries aimed at both the twin business jet market and the turboprop and piston single segments. Read More
True Blue Power says it's created safe, reliable, and affordable lithium ion batteries for general aviation aircraft. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with the company's VP of Engineering, Brett Williams, at NBAA 2013 in Las Vegas. Read More
The Phillips 66® Aviation Wings™ Card 
- The Card That Does More
The Phillips 66® Aviation Wings™ Card — The Card That Does More
When your primary business is aviation, your primary fuel charge card should be the Phillips 66® Aviation Wings™ Card. With more locations, more rewards, and superior service, your Wings Card is convenient and flexible. Use it with your WingPoints® Rewards Card for twice as many points! Corporate flight departments can apply online today for the card that does more. Click here to start now.
The market is looking better than expected for business jet manufacturers but mostly for those with large-cabin, long-range aircraft according to the annual Honeywell Business Aviation Outlook. The analysis, which is released every year on the eve of the National Business Aviation Association convention, says large-cabin platforms will account for 80 percent of the money spent on new business aircraft in the near term. Read More
The Ultimate Garmin Update for Your King 
Upgrade to G1000® for King Air
Get $24,995 in Added Options

If you've been considering a King Air upgrade, now is the time to make your move. Order your Garmin G1000 flight deck between now and November 27 and receive all of our Platinum package options for free -- a $24,995 value. The Platinum package includes SVT synthetic vision, Sirius XM remote, and Garmin ChartView option for geo-referenced Jeppesen charts. Visit for details.
Long-time aviation industry executive Bob Kromer has joined Blackhawk Modifications as its senior vice president of sales and marketing. Kromer will join the staff at Blackhawk's Waco, Texas headquarters. “Bob’s technical experience and global market knowledge will further strengthen and expand our depth and capability in these two extremely critical areas of the company,” said Blackhawk CEO Jim Allmon, who announced the appointment at NBAA 2013 in Las Vegas. Read More
XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver || From Dual 
Weather Where You Want It the Most — In the Cockpit!
The XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B Receiver delivers no-subscription weather (FIS-B) & traffic (TIS-B) services to many EFB apps on Apple and Android devices. See NEXRAD radar imagery, NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds aloft, TFRs, and SUA updates right on your tablet! The XGPS170 features a WAAS GPS and USB-rechargeable battery that lasts over five hours and connects to two tablets using Bluetooth. Non-slip mount included. Click here to learn more.
AVweb's Newstips Address

Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something the flying world might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via e-mail here. (Or send them direct to Newstips at

Read More
'M3: Mental Math for Aviators' by Mike Roumens 
|| Available at
M3: Mental Math for Aviators
Easily compute angles; distance and time; wind components and drift angles; and maximum wind effect. Visualize the wind on your HSI, get bank angles, and turn calculations in seconds without anything but brain power -- and more. M3 gives the power of math to aviators using simple rules of thumb, thus enhancing situational awareness, promoting safe and efficient flying.
M3: Mental Math for Aviators$24.95 (book)
$19.95 (e-book)

Call (800) 780-4115 or click here for more information.
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Let's right away get over the fact that another American icon has been snapped up by the Chinese. What we want to see is how the inflow of real capital is going to move Mooney forward again. Read More
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Women in Aviation International (WAI) 
Scholarships || Application Deadline - November 18
In Europe, autogyros are a mainstay in the recreational aviation market, and the same trend may develop in China. In this exclusive video report from the China International General Aviation Conference in Xi'an, AVweb's Tim Cole reports that autogyros may be uniquely suited to China's developing GA market. Read More
Geographically, technologically, and spiritually, Xi'an is poised to be the heart of general aviation in China's emerging GA market — much as Wichita, Kansas is to the U.S. GA scene. Perhaps that's why Wichita is opening a bureau in Xi'an. AVweb spoke with Cessna's William J. Schultz and Wichita mayor Carl Brewer at the China International General Aviation Conference 2013. Read More
David Clark DC PRO-X
China is building new, modern, and capable airports at a blistering pace, and many of these will eventually serve the developing general aviation market. AVweb's Tim Cole visited Peucheng Airport in east central China and filed this video sampler of what's on the flightline there. Read More