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If we want to become old pilots, we sometimes have to be bold ones, too. Read More
Cylinders in Stock & Ready to Ship || 
Continental Motors - Power Aircraft Since 1929
Continental Motors' Cylinders
Our cylinders begin with raw forging and casting components with the highest standards in material properties. Each is then machined, honed, and assembled into a complete cylinder package that we firmly stand behind. Our employees take pride in building a quality product every step of the way.

To learn more, call customer service at (800) 326-0089 or visit us at
AVweb Classic
AVweb landed on the World Wide Web in 1995. Since then, we've amassed a huge archive of advice, analysis,and inspiration. Travel back with us for a look at a classic article from AVweb's past.

Want more? Visit our advanced search page and enter a topic that interests you. You may be surprised at what you discover. Read More
A personal airplane can be many things to its pilot, all at the same time. This time of year, it can be a very special vehicle, simultaneously taking us forward to our future and back to our roots. Even as we contemplate gathering with family and friends, we can marvel in our ability to go places and do things as few others. During these holidays, many of us will be using our airplanes to go home, whether "home" is a location or a state of mind. In this very special story, AVweb's Rick Durden explores what it means to be a pilot, what it means to fly and what "going home" during these holidays can mean. Read More
Gift Yourself Glass in a Tidy Holiday Package 
|| Aspen Avionics
Gift Yourself Glass
Aspen's Evolution delivers the safety and confidence you require with a glass system that rivals anything flying today. Evolution's safety features coupled with an easy-to-use interface provides the peace of mind you demand at the lowest price on the market. Now's the time to get your glass on.
Piper's Twin Comanche--affectionately known as the Twinkie by many owners--is one of the most efficient twin-engine aircraft ever manufactured, eclipsed only Diamond's diesel-powered DA42. The Twin Comanche is a popular refurb platform because the airframe performs well and is reasonably priced on the used market. Here's Ron Burdine's nicely refurbed TwinCo. Read More
Announcement Announces Launch of New Web Site is excited to announce the launch of their entirely redesigned web site! The new web site uses a variety of new web standard techniques that are more intuitive and user-friendly. While the new web site includes many new features such as improved product search and navigation, will always maintain their high standard of customer service and competitive pricing! This is exciting news for and all of their loyal customers as strives to improve their customer service and product offering. Click here to visit.
AVweb's Refurbished Airplane of the Month: Show Off Your Work
New airplanes sales may be a little soft, but we're seeing plenty of refurb work -- everything from new panels to fresh paint to full-up interiors. We would like to feature some of these airplanes in the pages of AVweb and spotlight the owners and shops doing the work. If you have photos of your restored aircraft -- single, twin or turbine -- send them to us at If we select your airplane as refurb of the month, we'll contact you for more information. Read More
U.S. Sport Aviation 
U.S. Sport Aviation Expo
January 16-19, 2014
Sebring will hold its 10th annual U.S. Sport Aviation Expo this January 16-19, 2014. This is the largest sport aviation-dedicated event in the world. Don't miss flight demonstrations, food, forums, builder workshops, and more. Four days in Sebring, Florida to see, try, fly, and buy -- everything in the world of sport aviation. Buy discounted tickets online today. Visit for details.
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The aircraft of the future may be here today -- or at least, the idea of it has arrived. Read More
David Clark DC PRO-X
In an emerging aircraft refurbishment market, Smithville, Ohio-based Aircraft Sales Inc. stands out with a comprehensive and highly customized rebuild process. In this AVweb video, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano presents an inside look at the company's Pristine Airplane refurbishment process. Read More
The National Aviation Hall of Fame, based in Dayton, Ohio, added six new names to its roster of more than 200 air and space pioneers this week. Ron Kaplan, enshrinement director for the NAHF, tells AVweb's Mary Grady about the varied and impressive achievements of this year's class. Read More