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The FAA has announced that it will be hiring 10,000 controllers over the next decade, with 6,000 in the next five years. It is accepting applications now. Successful applicants must be U.S. citizens, able to start training before their 31st birthday, and willing to relocate to “to an air traffic facility based on the FAA’s highest needs at the time.” Read More
Now Certified! BendixKing KT 74 Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out
Low cost and easy to install, the KT 74 Mode S Transponder from BendixKing by Honeywell is now FAA-certified (FAA TSO C166b) and meets all 2020 FAA ADS-B mandates. Packed with features such as low power consumption, a stopwatch and timer, and an altitude monitor, the KT 74 provides unrivaled value for the cost.

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Thousands of highly qualified and experienced U.S. airline pilots are either furloughed or working overseas and eager to return to U.S airline cockpits—under the right conditions, according to ALPA. Read More
Question of the Week

Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community.

Visit to participate in our current poll.

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Cylinders in Stock & Ready to Ship || 
Continental Motors - Power Aircraft Since 1929
Continental Motors' Cylinders
Our cylinders begin with raw forging and casting components with the highest standards in material properties. Each is then machined, honed, and assembled into a complete cylinder package that we firmly stand behind. Our employees take pride in building a quality product every step of the way.

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Is it possible to walk across a line slung between two hot-air balloon baskets at altitude? A team of acrobats tried it recently, caught their attempts on video, and posted it online last week. The acrobats are equipped with parachutes, and one after another, they gamely make the attempt. They say they are going to keep trying till they make it, so there may be more video to come soon. The Skyliners are a professional acrobatic team based in France -- they wisely advise, "Please don't try this at home." Read More
The organization Women of Aviation Worldwide is kicking off its fourth annual Women of Aviation Worldwide Week with opening ceremonies on March 3, 2014 at the College Park, Md., Aviation Museum. The event will include guest speakers and interactive airport activities aimed at awakening girls and women around the world to available vocations in the professional aviation. Read More
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KING FIRC — Zero Paperwork, Renew Completely Online!
Become more thoughtful about your teaching with quick, efficient learning — at your own pace. Includes receiving your temporary certificate by e-mail; iPad, Mac, and PC compatibility; and a money-back guarantee.

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More than a decade after its debut as a play in a small New York theater, Charlie Victor Romeo -- which depicts cockpit crews coping with emergencies, in dialogue drawn directly from cockpit voice recorder transcripts -- is collecting positive reviews as a 3-D movie. The film, now in limited release in New York and Los Angeles, captures a live performance of the stage play. New York Times film critic A.O. Scott called it "a curious hybrid of documentary and experimental theater," and added: "It is also one of the most terrifying movies I have ever seen." Read More
Bob Berger and his partners created a stage play in 1999 with all of its dialogue drawn from the transcripts of cockpit voice recorders. Now they have produced a film of the play that's showing in theaters around the country. Berger spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady this week about what makes the film unique and the reaction it's had from the aviation community. Read More
In the Air or on the Ground, Find FBO Fuel Prices Instantly
24/7 Updates. Now with GPS Fix.
Live on your iPad and iPhone, FBO Fuel Prices gives pilots accurate data at any given moment. Developed by, this convenient application will give you current FBO fuel prices with the tap of your finger. Search up to 100-nm radius with results placed on map for easy location recognition. Tap and get FBO information, including last update. Only $3.99 one-time fee; get it before your next flight!
News this week includes an auction of century-old aviation posters, recognition of helo pilots who went the extra distance, Think Global Flight's upcoming launch for STEM education around the world and a notice that commuter airlines wouldn't be facing a pilot shortage if they offered better compensation. Read More
This weekend's fly ins across the country range from a ski plane gathering on an International border to a fundraiser to maintain a Huey memorial. Read More
Kevin Quinn of Olympic Valley, CA takes to the air for the spectacular view that is our latest winning "PotW." Click through for more reader-submitted photos. Read More
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Time for the Ultimate Flight Bag?
"I am very picky about my flight gear. I like the design, padded shoulder strap, iPad protection, and that all my gear is finally organized. I am very happy with it!" — Nadia Marcinko, pilot, flight instructor, a.k.a. Gulfstream Girl. Modern, lightweight, and checkpoint-friendly, the Flight Bag PLC Pro is the ultimate flight bag. As a shoulder bag or backpack, it provides iPad/computer protection and is designed to easily store and find all of your gear. For more information, click here.

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AVweb Classic
AVweb landed on the World Wide Web in 1995. Since then, we've amassed a huge archive of advice, analysis and inspiration. Travel back with us for a look at a classic article from AVweb's past.

Want more? Visit our advanced search page and enter a topic that interests you. You may be surprised at what you discover. Read More
FBOs are a constant topic of conversation among pilots and no less so in The Pilot's Lounge. While everyone has a horror story or two, everyone also has a tale about great, unexpected service. Ultimately, the FBO business is a service business and depends on repeat customers. Yet, some FBOs don't seem to understand this fundamental. AVweb's Rick Durden wraps up a two-part series — begun last week by Howard Fried — on FBOs: what they are, what they do and how they might think about doing it better. Read More
Big Time in the Big 
Join Able Flight Pilots and Friends for a "Big Time in the Big Easy!"
It's Able Flight's annual benefit for the scholarship fund May 30 at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. Celebrate the success of our newest pilots with special guests including Patty Wagstaff and enjoy great food and music. Thanks to sponsors Embraer, Sennheiser, and Landmark Aviation, all proceeds from donations for tables or seats go to our scholarship fund! Reserve your seat or table today. Call (919) 942-4699 or visit
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So why haven't we heard about it? For now, it's only available on the Grey Eagle drone. Read More
Bose A20 Aviation Headsets || Available from 
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.
AVweb's has compiled the results of our in-depth investigation into why airplanes land at the wrong airports. Read More
Cactus Fly-In || February 28 - March 1, 2014 
|| Casa Grande Airport, AZ (CGZ)
Author and avid pilot Richard Bach is back at the keyboard and back in the cockpit after surviving a serious crash in his beloved SeaRey amphib Puff 18 months ago. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with him about the crash, the new book he wrote about the crash, and the fourth part of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull." Spoiler Alert: Crashing an airplane and almost dying is actually kind of cool, but hospitals suck. Read More
Aspen Avionics || Evolution Flight Display 
Although aircraft sales are still in the doldrums, Hartzell has stayed busy in its R&D shop, developing a range of new products that are lighter and more efficient than existing props. Hartzell's Joe Brown gave AVweb an update recently. Read More
Van's aircraft has dominated the kit market with the RV, line and now you can buy a factory-built RV-12 S-LSA model. Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano flew the RV-12 at the 2014 U.S. Light Sport Expo in Sebring, Florida. This video takes a detailed look at the aircraft. Read More
Tempest Plus || Selected by the Gold Standard, 
Continental Motors