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A Fort Meyers, Fla., pilot landed his Piper Saratoga safely last week at Page Field after a bird strike shattered the pilot's side windshield. The impact was caught by the camera Rob Weber set up behind him in the cockpit. Read More
Authorities in Abu Dhabi detained 12 people but didn't file any charges after five separate fires were deliberately set aboard an Etihad flight from Melbourne, Australia. Distraught passengers reported smoke and flame pouring from bathrooms on the Boeing 777 ER at various times during the flight, which included a two-hour diversion to Jakarta. Read More
Garmin GDL 3-D || Available at Stocks the New Garmin GDL 39 3-D Portable ADS-B with Attitude
The new GDL 39 3-D adds simultaneous display of aircraft attitude information (pitch and roll) alongside rich interactive mapping, traffic, and weather within the Garmin Pilot application. The GDL 39 3-D also features advanced traffic awareness, including patent-pending TargetTrend™ relative motion technology, no-subscription weather, and industry-leading GPS technology. The GDL 39 3-D portable ADS-B receiver is a simple and economical solution for pilots who want to receive the benefits of ADS-B. Call 1 (877) 288-8077 or or visit
Bucking the downward trend of general aviation, the U.S. Parachute Association (USPA) is reporting record-high membership for the second consecutive year. With roughly 3.2 million skydives made last year in the U.S., it announced that more and more people are taking not only a first leap but continuing to pursue skydiving as a hobby and passion. Read More
Cirrus Aircraft delivered 276 new aircraft in 2013, nearly a 10 percent increase over 2012, marking its best aircraft shipment performance since 2008. According to its announcement, Cirrus Aircraft’s annual market share has grown to 37 percent. Read More
Plenty of famous people have appeared on stage at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and some of them were there on Feb. 21 but it wasn’t an actor in the spotlight—it was aviation legend R.A. “Bob” Hoover. The tribute to the man Jimmy Doolittle called “the best stick and rudder man I have ever seen” was organized by Tom and Sharon Poberezny, Mike and Maria Herman, and Ron and Diane Fagen. Read More
Bose A20 Aviation 
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Better sound matters. So does comfort. That's why the A20 headset is designed with proprietary ear cushions to provide quality acoustic seals, even over eyeglasses. So you can fly comfortably for hours. And 30% greater noise reduction than conventional noise-reducing aviation headsets means you hear more of what you need to hear. Also features Bluetooth® communications interface,* auxiliary audio input, and priority switching. Learn more »

* Available in certain variants of the headset.
The non-pilot owners of a remote but locally important private airport in northern California have launched a national fundraising campaign to raise the $60,000 needed to keep it open. Ocean Ridge Airport has been in the Bower family for more than 30 years and they've always patched the holes and painted the markings themselves to facilitate the slow but steady stream of sometimes-essential traffic to the isolated area of Mendocino County. Read More
The Bower family of Gualala, California would like nothing better than to keep their private, public-use airport open — but since they don't fly themselves, they're hoping those with some skin in the game will pay the $60,000 necessary for repairs. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Julie Bower about the unique situation in a remote corner of Mendocino County. Read More
St. Barts, in the eastern Caribbean, is famous for having a short, narrow runway with a tall hill off one end. It's tricky to get into, and more than one pilot has come to grief in trying. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli reviews a landing that went wrong and why. Read More
Avidyne's IFD Series GPS/NAV/COM - Attend a 
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Join us every Thursday at 5:00pm EDT to learn more about Avidyne's IFD440 & IFD540 GPS/NAV/COMs, the plug-and-play replacements for G430/530-Series navigators! Learn how such features as Hybrid Touch, GeoFill™, and Procedure Preview can make your flying easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

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Jim Harris writes: "The new rest rules do not cover cargo flights, nor do they cover foreign flights in U.S. airspace. But the basics should be that professional pilots take care of their bodies, including getting adequate rest." Click through to read the full text of this letter and other mail from AVweb readers. Read More
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AVweb Classic
AVweb landed on the World Wide Web in 1995. Since then, we've amassed a huge archive of advice, analysis and inspiration. Travel back with us for a look at a classic article from AVweb's past.

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For over 30 years, AVweb's John Deakin has been flying big iron for Japan Airlines. But in a previous lifetime (mid-60s), John flew for Air America in Southeast Asia. (Yes, THAT Air America.) As you might imagine, he's got a zillion fabulous and funny flying stories from those days. This true tale of livestock running amok aboard a C-46 is one of John's most entertaining. Besides, aren't you just dying to see what Deakin looked like in 1965? Read More
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Late on a low-traffic night, an Ozark flight requested landing instructions into Des Moines, reporting his altitude as 6,000 feet. He was given clearance since no other traffic was in the area. After a few seconds, the Ozark pilot again called, saying, "Uh, that 6,000 feet -- that shoulda been 5,000 feet. Gee, this thing's got a lot of dials and gauges!" Reply from the tower: "Uh, yeah!" -- Ron Morden, via e-mail Read More
Heard Anything Funny on the Radio?

Heard anything funny, unusual, or downright shocking on the radio lately? If you've been flying any length of time, you're sure to have eavesdropped on a few memorable exchanges. The ones that gave you a chuckle may do the same for your fellow AVweb readers. Share your radio funny with us, and, if we use it in a future "Short Final," we'll send you a sharp-looking AVweb hat to sport around your local airport. No joke.

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That seems to be where airplanes sales are headed, if they haven't been there since 2008. Read More
Garmin GDL 39 3-D || Fly with Attitude
GoPros are the go-to cameras for shooting airborne video. But to get the most out of them, you need charging and mounting accessories. In this AVweb Product Minute, Aircraft Spruce's Ryan Deck runs us through the options. Read More
Tempest Plus || Don't Miss Our Latest Tech 
Premier Aircraft Sales is now offering a fully refurbished pre-G1000 Cessna 172 with a new Garmin panel and Continental/Thielert Centurion diesel engine for less than the cost of a new avgas-powered Skyhawk. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Premier's VP of Operations Art Spengler about the instant market acceptance of the new product. Read More
BendixKing || Putting You on Course to Great 
Value || Save Up to $3,000 When You Upgrade to New Avionics