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A Las Vegas-area company intends to pick up where AOPA left off and reprise the "Summit" convention and aircraft display at the Palm Springs Convention Center Oct. 17-19. Lift Event Management of Henderson, just outside Las Vegas, is apparently patterning their 2014 Aviation Summit after the 2012 Summit in Palm Springs, including the Parade of Planes from the airport to the convention center. Read More
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Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community.

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Now Certified! BendixKing KT 74 Mode S Transponder with ADS-B Out
Low cost and easy to install, the KT 74 Mode S Transponder from BendixKing by Honeywell is now FAA-certified (FAA TSO C166b) and meets all 2020 FAA ADS-B mandates. Packed with features such as low power consumption, a stopwatch and timer, and an altitude monitor, the KT 74 provides unrivaled value for the cost.

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The FAA today published a notice in the Federal Register of the availability of two new and eight revised consensus standards for certification of certain light sport aircraft and requested comments on the standards. Read More
Lycoming Engine Overhauls by Mattituck Service 
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Mattituck Services -- Continental, Lycoming, & Centurion Engine Specialists
Your complete maintenance and flight line services destination, located in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama. We are an FAA-certified repair station and offer a full line of sales and services to the aircraft owner, including airframe and powerplant. Visit for more details.
In the first penalty of its kind, federal transportation officials docked Asiana Airlines $500,000 for failing to promptly contact passengers' families and keep them informed about their loved ones after a deadly crash last year at San Francisco International airport. The U.S. Department of Transportation said it took the South Korean airline five days to contact the families of all 291 passengers. Read More
During its third test flight, Cessna Aircraft’s Citation Latitude prototype successfully achieved its full performance envelope, the company said. It reached a maximum speed of 506 mph and an altitude of 45,000 feet with a gross takeoff weight of 29,000 pounds. Read More
GDL 39 3-D: Now with 
Garmin GDL 39 3-D: Fly with Attitude
The portable device that introduced subscription-free weather and datalink traffic to your cockpit is now available with backup attitude. Use the GDL 39 3-D with Garmin Pilot™ on your smart device to view your attitude in split screen with other in-flight information. Connect multiple devices via Bluetooth and/or wired connection to access advanced traffic, weather and GPS information using Garmin Pilot or a Garmin aviation portable, as well. Click here to learn more.
Pilots who have a used airplane to sell, or who are looking for one to buy, have a new website where they can post their airplane for sale or shop online. The company plans to offer the airplanes up for bid, and will actively help facilitate the sales, A.J. Brown, vice president for marketing, told AVweb this week. "Most people buy maybe one or two airplanes in a lifetime," he said. "We'll be buying and selling thousands, so our knowledge base will be much greater to help these people." Read More
Tom Henn and A. J. Brown, the CEO and vice president of a new company called, hope to provide an easy-to-use online service for those looking to buy or sell a general aviation airplane. They spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about their plans. Read More
King Schools || Renew Online with the King 
KING FIRC — Zero Paperwork, Renew Completely Online!
Become more thoughtful about your teaching with quick, efficient learning — at your own pace. Includes receiving your temporary certificate by e-mail; iPad, Mac, and PC compatibility; and a money-back guarantee.

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Before Civil Air Patrol's Command Council convenes in Washington, D.C., this week for its annual winter meeting, it will gather on Capitol Hill for Legislative Day on Feb. 27 to brief Congress on the U.S. Air Force auxiliary's primary missions of emergency services, aerospace education and cadet programs. Read More
In 1929, Amelia Earhart and 18 other female pilots set off from California to race to a finish line in Ohio -- and this Friday, historian Bill Meixner will be telling that story, full of adventure, courage, and tragedy, at the International Women's Air & Space Museum, at the Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. For more information, visit the free SocialFlight website or app, where this event is listed along with dozens more around the country. Read More
Ultimate Flight Bag || Available from
Time for the Ultimate Flight Bag?
"... the praise continues for the Flight Bag PLC Pro ... . The best flight bag I've ever used" -- Robert Goyer, Flying magazine. Modern, lightweight, and checkpoint-friendly, the Flight Bag PLC Pro is the ultimate flight bag. As a shoulder bag or backpack, it provides iPad/computer protection and is designed to easily store and find all of your gear. For more information, click here.

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Maintaining your IFR currency isn’t that hard. Just fly and log in actual or simulated conditions six instrument approaches, “holding procedures and tasks” and “intercepting and tracking” electronic courses within the preceding six months, and you’re golden. But after 12 full months of being out of IFR currency, you’ll need an instrument proficiency check, or IPC. There was a time, before the most recent revisions to FAR 61, when an IPC—previously known as an instrument competency check— wasn’t structured. That’s no longer the case. Read More
Caribbean Adventure || April 5-17, 
A Unique Caribbean Adventure!
Start with a water survival seminar in the Bahamas; ride an ATV across the mountains of Samana in the Dominican Republic; discover the natural beauty of Nevis; visit the French exotic island of Martinique; sail to St. Lucia; celebrate the finals in Antigua. Learn more at
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Did AOPA leave an opportunity on the table when it killed Summit last year? A private exhibition company plans to find out. Read More
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St. Barts, in the eastern Caribbean, is famous for having a short, narrow runway with a tall hill off one end. It's tricky to get into, and more than one pilot has come to grief in trying. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli reviews a landing that went wrong and why. Read More
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The Bower family of Gualala, California would like nothing better than to keep their private, public-use airport open — but since they don't fly themselves, they're hoping those with some skin in the game will pay the $60,000 necessary for repairs. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Julie Bower about the unique situation in a remote corner of Mendocino County. Read More
BendixKing Is Looking for a Vice President of 
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