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Driven by a strong retrofit market, AEA says avionics sales for 2013 were up 6.9 percent over the previous year and 2014 may be just as strong. AEA's 57th annual convention opens today in Nashville. Read More
The Aircraft Electronics Association opened in 57th annual convention in Nashville this week with good news: Avionics sales for 2013 were up 6.9% in 2013 over the previous year. In this video interview, AEA's Paula Derks says about 23 new products will be introduced in Nashville. Read More
The drone swarms are coming and just like any other aircraft, they'll need service and support. A new company called Robotic Skies intends to see that it's available. Read More
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Aircraft Spruce Carries New Flight Instructor Notebooks
The #1 tool for passing your CFI checkride. The book contains the tools this flight school has used for decades in training pilots and instructors. Written by Bridgette Doremire, an active master flight instructor and current flight school owner, with significant input from Gene Hudson, another active master flight instructor. In addition, Aircraft Spruce offers their instrument rating publication for private/commercial pilots. For more information, please call 1 (877) 4-SPRUCE and reference part numbers 13-15679 & 13-15678 or visit
Aspen says it's determined to roll back the price of avionics and at the Aircraft Electronics Show in Nashville, it was showing a $4995 entry level EFIS that it hopes it ignite the lower end of the market. Read More
At AEA in Nashville, Aspen introduced its new VFR EFIS, an entry-level, affordable glass suite for owners who don't need full IFR capability. AVweb takes a video tour of the new product. Read More
At AEA in Nashville, BendixKing announced the new AeroWave 100, an Inmarsat-based satellite internet system intended for owner-flown twins and business aircraft. Read More
At the Aircraft Electronics Association convention in Nashville, BendixKing tossed its hat into the airborne connectivity ring with a new internet access product called the AeroWave. In this video, Avweb gets a look at the new box. Read More
Synthetic Vision Comes to Garmin 
Synthetic Vision Comes to Garmin Pilot™
Now you can see in virtual 3-D with Garmin Pilot for iPhone® and iPad®. SVX™ uses attitude data from the GDL 39 3-D to display a virtual landscape of what lies ahead — including runways, obstacles, traffic, and more. A similar 3-D vision view without attitude is also available with a premium Garmin Pilot subscription for pilots who don't fly with a GDL 39 3-D. Click here to learn more.
Garmin introduced and angle of attack indicator system with the GI 260 that the company says offers "intuitive, safety-enhancing AOA information which is simple to install in GA aircraft." The system, which includes the display, the pitot and the air data computer will sell for $1,499 and operates differently from lift reserve type systems. Read More
The first customer for an all-new Eclipse 550 jet took delivery today in Albuquerque, the company said in a news release. The 550 is an advanced version of the original six-seat jet, with upgraded systems throughout, and new features such as auto-throttles, anti-skid brakes, and high-resolution cockpit displays with faster processing speeds. "This is an exciting day for Eclipse Aerospace and for general aviation," said Eclipse Aerospace CEO Mason Holland. Read More
On March 12, DAHER-SOCATA revealed its new TBM 900 single-engine turboprop at a ceremony in Tarbes, France. Including what was described as 26 modifications to its predecessor, the TBM 850, the recently certified TBM 900 has an announced max cruise speed of 330 knots at 28,000 feet. Read More
Lycoming Engine Overhauls by Mattituck Service 
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Mattituck Services -- Continental, Lycoming, & Centurion Engine Specialists
Your complete maintenance and flight line services destination, located in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama. We are an FAA-certified repair station and offer a full line of sales and services to the aircraft owner, including airframe and powerplant. Visit for more details.
Malaysia's air force chief said Wednesday that military radar had tracked an unidentified object over the Strait of Malacca early Saturday morning, and investigators were trying to determine whether it was the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Chief Gen. Rodzali Daud said the object was detected by a military radar facility and flying westward, subsequent to the last known civilian contact with Flight 370. Read More
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Only one passenger asked for medical attention after a US Airways A320's nose gear collapsed on what sounds like a rocky takeoff attempt from Philadelphia Airport on Thursday. Some of the 149 passengers, who hoped to fly to Ft. Lauderdale on the early evening flight, told local media the aircraft took off and then settled back on the runway nose first, blowing a tire. Read More
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This course will make you thoughtful about what you can do as a CFI to help your students gain the insight they need to manage the risks of flying. Features quick, efficient learning — at your own pace; zero paperwork; completely online renewal; receiving your temporary certificate by e-mail; iPad, Mac, and PC compatibility; and a money-back guarantee.

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Our weekly survey of aviation news found the newest formal recognition of top aviation professionals, an aircraft now being offered for sale on, a survey reporting that hiring in aviation is expected to be up this year and FltPlan now offering Velocity Weather by Baron. Read More
Our weekly review of aviation activities noted on SocialFlight found not just fly-in breakfasts, but a dinner, with seminar, and rides being given by EAA’s Ford Trimotor. Read More
RapidCharger || 28 volts, 2.4 
RapidPower™ by MyGoFlight
New! RapidPower™ charging in the air and on the ground. RapidCharger™ 28V DualMicro: The first Dual USB 4.5-amp charger with 2.4- and 2.1-amp ports built for 28-volt systems. Rapidly charge an iPad and an ADS-B receiver at the same time. RapidCharger™ Wall: The first Quad USB 6.8-amp wall charger with two 2.4- and two 1-amp ports. These units were built by MyGoFlight to meet the power needs of pilots. For more information on RapidPower™, click here.

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Even the apparently simple tasks of starting and running up a piston aircraft engine before takeoff should be done with the same concerns for engine life, reliability and safety as any other part of flight. AVweb's John Deakin steps us through the process, dispelling myths as he goes. Read More
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The mystery of this flight's disappearance isn't deepening; it went over the edge on the first day. But the 24-hour news cycle's frantic rehashing of fact, non-facts and rumors make it impossible to sit and wait patiently. That's what investigators have to do. Read More
BendixKing Is Looking for a Vice President of 
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Although a lot of aircraft engines are approved to burn mogas, that doesn't include many high-compression, high-horspower engines like the Continental IO-520. That's where the Airplains ADI system comes in. It injects a water/methanol mixture into the induction system to allow the burning of lower-octane auto gas. Here's a video tour of the system. Read More
Electronics International (EI) CGR 30P
Not even a decade ago, avionics shops competed with factories in repairing radios and equipment. But flat-rate repairs killed that market, and shops like Sarasota Avionics have reinvented their business model to provide flat-rate installs. Read More
Bad Elf Cable for Lightning Connector || 
Available Now at or
St. Barts, in the eastern Caribbean, is famous for having a short, narrow runway with a tall hill off one end. It's tricky to get into, and more than one pilot has come to grief in trying. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli reviews a landing that went wrong and why. Read More
BendixKing KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator || 
Now Available for Certified Aircraft
Tom Henn and A. J. Brown, the CEO and vice president of a new company called, hope to provide an easy-to-use online service for those looking to buy or sell a general aviation airplane. They spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about their plans. Read More
The Bower family of Gualala, California would like nothing better than to keep their private, public-use airport open — but since they don't fly themselves, they're hoping those with some skin in the game will pay the $60,000 necessary for repairs. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Julie Bower about the unique situation in a remote corner of Mendocino County. Read More
Premier Aircraft Sales is now offering a fully refurbished pre-G1000 Cessna 172 with a new Garmin panel and Continental/Thielert Centurion diesel engine for less than the cost of a new avgas-powered Skyhawk. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with Premier's VP of Operations Art Spengler about the instant market acceptance of the new product. Read More
Bob Berger and his partners created a stage play in 1999 with all of its dialogue drawn from the transcripts of cockpit voice recorders. Now they have produced a film of the play that's showing in theaters around the country. Berger spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady this week about what makes the film unique and the reaction it's had from the aviation community. Read More