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Malaysian officials Sunday confirmed someone in the cockpit of Flight MH370 turned off the aircraft's ACARS system before sending the final radio transmission ("all right, good night") a non-standard response to an ATC handoff that is normally answered with a read back. The revelation has focused even more attention on the possible involvement of the crew in what is now presumed to be the intentional diversion of the aircraft. Read More
Textron Inc. today announced it has closed its acquisition of Beech Holdings, LLC, the parent of Beechcraft Corporation, and that it will bring together its Cessna business and Beechcraft to form a new segment called Textron Aviation—although each will remain distinct brands. Read More
Goodyear floated out its new zeppelin last Friday and says the airship will be faster and more efficient to operate. But despite all the modern advances, old habits die hard and for marketing purposes the company will continue to refer (incorrectly) to the aircraft as the Goodyear Blimp. Read More
BendixKing KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator || 
Now Available for Certified Aircraft
Now Available for Certified Aircraft! KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator
Low-cost and easy to install, the KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator from BendixKing by Honeywell is now available for installation in certified aircraft. Compact, stylish features provide increased pilot awareness of remaining lift, glare shield mounted indicator, and spoken AoA warnings when connected to the aircraft's audio panel.

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The 8th annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium is coming up April 25 and 26 in Santa Rosa, Calif., and organizer Brien Seeley told AVweb this week, "This will be a chock-full program, probably our best ever." The symposium brings together leaders in a variety of technical fields who are exploring ways to transform aviation, exploring ideas including not only electric propulsion but autonomous systems, quiet propeller designs, hybrid engines, high-energy-density batteries, fuel cells, solar-powered aircraft, nanotechnology, and more. Read More
The 8th annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium is coming up April 25 and 26 in Santa Rosa, California, bringing together a roster of experts and experimenters to share technology and ideas for the next generation of personal flying. Dr. Brien Seeley, president of the CAFE Foundation and organizer of the event, spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about some of the highlights on this year's agenda. Read More
Referred to as the Father of Black Aviation, Chief Flight Instructor of the prestigious Tuskegee Airmen C. Alfred “Chief” Anderson will be immortalized on a stamp tomorrow, March 13. The 1 p.m. dedication ceremony, free and open to the public, will take place at Bryn Mawr College’s McPherson Auditorium, 101 North Merion Ave. Read More
During the 57th annual AEA International Convention & Trade Show, the Aircraft Electronics Association's Educational Foundation announced the names of 22 individuals who were awarded individual scholarships worth more than $125,000 for the 2014-15 academic year. The AEA Educational Foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing a career in the general aviation maintenance and aircraft electronics industry. Read More
'The Aviators' || Season 4 On 
The Aviators Is Back with an All-New Fourth Season
The all-new fourth season of the award-winning hit TV show The Aviators, the biggest aviation show on the planet, is now available! Airliners, bombers, ultralights, gliders, floatplanes, helicopters, and even blimps -- absolutely everything for pilots and enthusiasts alike. New episodes can be seen on PBS or online at iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu. Click here to watch The Aviators ... RIGHT NOW on iTunes!
If would-be buyers of required ADS-B equipment are confused about potential choices, FreeFlight Systems says it has the answer in its all-in-one box that provides ADS-B In and Out and a wireless link to put weather and traffic on a cockpit tablet. Read More
With the ADS-B mandate looming five years ahead, we're seeing more products that address this requirement, including this one shown at AEA in Nashville. FreeFlight's wireless Rangr all-in-one box provides ADS-B In and Out and has a wireless adapter to put the weather and other data on a tablet. Price is $5,495. Read More
Not that long ago, back-up gyros were traditional vacuum or electric instruments. More of them are solid state theses days, with their own ADAHRS and batteries. At AEA In Nashville, Sandia Aerospace showed off its new standby gyro. Read More
In glass cockpits and even in those where the pilots suffer through the tragedy of flying behind steam gauges, a back-up gryo is a good idea. Increasingly, these are solid-state gyros with their own self-contained ADAHRS and batteries. At AEA in Nashville, AVweb shot this brief product tour of the Sandia Aerospace SAI gyro. Retail price is $3,595. Read More
Over 22,000 Happy GAMIjectors® Customers Can't Be Wrong!
GAMIjectors® have given these aircraft owners reduced cylinder head temperatures, reduced fuel consumption, and smoother engine operation. GAMIjectors® alter the fuel/air ratio in each cylinder so that each cylinder operates with a much more uniform fuel/air ratio than occurs with any other factory set of injectors. To speak to a GAMI engineer, call (888) FLY-GAMI, or go online for complete engineering details.
Captain Matt Romana, who routinely flies into St. Barths, wrote: "I watched with great interest your video with the Aztec landing in St. Barths and finishing on the beach. I happened to be in St. Barths recently. I fly there regularly in my Cirrus SR-22 but was there most recently flying an airliner. Here are a few words about your commentary, which was mostly excellent." Click through to read the full text of this letter and other mail from AVweb readers. Read More
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For most of us tooling around the airstrip and to the occasional pancake breakfast, the size of our fuel tanks doesn’t matter. But when you’re planning a longer flight, your aircraft’s range becomes a consideration. Read More
Two airplanes took off from the same controlled airport right after each other -- one a Cessna 172, the other a Cessna 182. The first off was the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, followed a minute or so later by his buddy in the Cessna 182. Both were headed for the same destination airport. Just before the 182 left controlled air space, the tower controller asked the 182 driver if he had the Skyhawk at 12 o'clock one mile out. The 182 reported, "Looking. No contact yet." The 172 driver chimed in on the conversation and said, "Not to worry. I owe him money. He won't hit me!" True story. Towered airport was El Monte (KEMT); destination for both airplanes was Cable Airport (KCCB) in Upland, California. -- Doug Latch, via e-mail Read More
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We don't like to talk about it much, but suicide by airplane isn't exactly without precedent. Read More
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. || Only 10 
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The Aircraft Electronics Association opened in 57th annual convention in Nashville this week with good news: Avionics sales for 2013 were up 6.9% in 2013 over the previous year. In this video interview, AEA's Paula Derks says about 23 new products will be introduced in Nashville. Read More
Bad Elf Cable for Lightning Connector || 
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Drones are coming to an air space near you -- but who's going to service and maintain those fleets of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)? There's a good chance it will be Brad Hayden's company, Robotic Skies. Read More
David Clark DC PRO-X
At AEA in Nashville, Aspen introduced its new VFR EFIS, an entry-level, affordable glass suite for owners who don't need full IFR capability. AVweb takes a video tour of the new product. Read More
BendixKing Is Looking for a Vice President of 
Marketing & Product Management || Click to Get in Touch
At the Aircraft Electronics Association convention in Nashville, BendixKing tossed its hat into the airborne connectivity ring with a new internet access product called the AeroWave. In this video, Avweb gets a look at the new box. Read More
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