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The FAA has rejected widespread industry criticism and will go ahead with an Airworthiness Directive affecting the cylinders on 6,000 engines. Read More
Start Pac Portable Power Supply || Available 
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Aircraft Spruce Stocks the Start Pac Portable Power Supply
The Start Pac® portable power supply is designed to power up 12- and 24-volt aircraft systems. The voltage output is set to simulate the same voltage as when the aircraft is running under power. Maximum amperage output is adequate for most light aircraft. If overloaded, the 53025 will trip off and reset itself after a short period of time. This unit is ideal for powering up new and old aircraft with glass cockpits. For more information, please call 1 (877) 4-SPRUCE and reference part numbers 11-04536 & 11-04537 or or visit
News reports late on Wednesday said Australian officials had spotted two objects via satellite that could be floating debris from the lost Malaysian Airlines 777. Read More
AeroMedix 9590 Pulse 
Nonin Pulse Oximeter on Sale
The easy-to-read Nonin 9590 pulse oximeter is great in any cockpit lighting condition. This American-made unit is backed by Nonin's four-year warranty. Extensively tested by the US military and Doctor Blue-recommended, grab one of these units during our limited-time 20% off sale. The only way to know if you are hypoxic is with a pulse oximeter! Click or call today!

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A joint FAA/Boeing design review team announced that the Boeing 787 is safe, but made recommendations for improvement for both the FAA and Boeing. Read More
Video shows a Piper Aerostar apparently buzzing a neighborhood east of Denver, Colo., before pitching up and then diving into the ground where it exploded, killing the pilot and setting a two-acre grass fire. Read More
King Schools || Renew Online with the King 
KING FIRC — Zero Paperwork, Renew Completely Online!
Become more thoughtful about your teaching with quick, efficient learning — at your own pace. Includes receiving your temporary certificate by e-mail; iPad, Mac, and PC compatibility; and a money-back guarantee.

It's all about the quality of the course and how you want to spend your time. Benefit from 39 years of teaching experience — over two million courses delivered. Call (800) 854-1001 or visit
Our weekly review of news revealed an announcement for the annual conference of the Air Care Alliance, a newly approved Universal Access Transceiver, the first rebates paid to flying clubs by Sportys and word that AnywhereEducation has stepped up to help out subscribers of some Air Guide Publications. Read More
Whether your goal is to learn something new, give something back or just have a good time, SocialFlight can help you and your airplane find somewhere to go this weekend. Read More
Starr Companies
Your Flight School Is Covered, But Are You?
Starr Aviation offers a comprehensive non-owned aircraft liability policy for student pilots flying single- and multi-engine or even rotorcraft airplanes. Coverages include bodily injury, damage to non-owned aircraft, property damage, air medical expenses, and loss of use — all engineered by an underwriting team with the experience and service you need. Through our national network of aircraft insurance brokers, Starr's financial strength and fast-pay claims service is hard to beat. For details, click here to visit
AVweb Classic
AVweb landed on the World Wide Web in 1995. Since then, we've amassed a huge archive of advice, analysis and inspiration. Travel back with us for a look at a classic article from AVweb's past.

Want more? Visit our advanced search page and enter a topic that interests you. You may be surprised at what you discover. Read More
Does the thought of flying a tailwheel aircraft scare the you-know-what out of you? AVweb's Rick Durden says there's way too many myths out there about how difficult a tailwheel plane is to fly. Yes, you have to pay attention, but it's just a different set of skills, and a different attitude is required, but a tailwheel is not a demon ready to bite off your head. Rick provides us some easy to follow guidelines that will keep you out of trouble when you get checked out in your favorite tailwheel airplane. Read More
Be a Hero, Make World History! ||
Be a Hero, Make World History, and Help the Future of Aviation, Too
Help make Think Global Flight's three-month journey a reality. Learn more from Captain Judy at Think Global Flight is a real-world application of learning. There are 20,000 students participating across the globe in 25 countries and 31 U.S. states. Make your heroic donation today! Visit our web site,
Alex Esguerra of San Mateo, CA kicks off a new (long-overdue) batch of "PotW" submissions. Click through for more reader-submitted photos. Read More
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After this incident, Sean D. Tucker can teach a masters course in the subject. Read More
The 8th annual CAFE Electric Aircraft Symposium is coming up April 25 and 26 in Santa Rosa, California, bringing together a roster of experts and experimenters to share technology and ideas for the next generation of personal flying. Dr. Brien Seeley, president of the CAFE Foundation and organizer of the event, spoke with AVweb's Mary Grady about some of the highlights on this year's agenda. Read More
Focus on What Matters. Flying. || Bose A20 
Aviation Headset
The Aircraft Electronics Association opened in 57th annual convention in Nashville this week with good news: Avionics sales for 2013 were up 6.9% in 2013 over the previous year. In this video interview, AEA's Paula Derks says about 23 new products will be introduced in Nashville. Read More
Lightspeed Trade-Up Program || It Pays to 
Drones are coming to an air space near you -- but who's going to service and maintain those fleets of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)? There's a good chance it will be Brad Hayden's company, Robotic Skies. Read More || Thousands of Aircraft 
Listings Available - Always Up to Date, Always for Sale! - SEARCH 
At AEA in Nashville, Aspen introduced its new VFR EFIS, an entry-level, affordable glass suite for owners who don't need full IFR capability. AVweb takes a video tour of the new product. Read More
Kansas Aircraft Corporation || Extraordinary 
Service, Exceptional Aircraft
At the Aircraft Electronics Association convention in Nashville, BendixKing tossed its hat into the airborne connectivity ring with a new internet access product called the AeroWave. In this video, Avweb gets a look at the new box. Read More
Eagle 360 Video Pod System - Low-Cost, 
Stunning-Quality Video! ||
With the ADS-B mandate looming five years ahead, we're seeing more products that address this requirement, including this one shown at AEA in Nashville. FreeFlight's wireless Rangr all-in-one box provides ADS-B In and Out and has a wireless adapter to put the weather and other data on a tablet. Price is $5,495. Read More
In glass cockpits and even in those where the pilots suffer through the tragedy of flying behind steam gauges, a back-up gryo is a good idea. Increasingly, these are solid-state gyros with their own self-contained ADAHRS and batteries. At AEA in Nashville, AVweb shot this brief product tour of the Sandia Aerospace SAI gyro. Retail price is $3,595. Read More