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A California man has become the first to have his private pilot certificate revoked for allegedly operating a drone illegally. Ralph Rebaya is appealing the emergency revocation of his ticket, which happened June 1, more than six months after he allegedly violated about 20 conditions of his FAA exemption for drone operation. Read More
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Unmanned aircraft capabilities took a big leap forward when an expert fighter pilot found he was no match for ALPHA. The artificial intelligence system was developed by Psibernetix, founded by a University of Cincinnati graduate. Gene Lee, a retired Air Force colonel taking part in the research, told UC Magazine this week that ALPHA is unprecedented. Read More
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It provides ADS-B Out — and even an optional integrated WAAS position source, if you choose — plus optional dual-link ADS-B In, so you can see advanced traffic and weather on GTNTM and GNS series navigators, select G1000® integrated flight displays, and Garmin portables and tablets using Garmin Pilot™ and ForeFlight Mobile apps. Plus, it’s the same footprint as most existing transponders, helping simplify installation. Click to learn more.
Boeing is considering a new twin-aisle airliner that would bridge the gap between its 737 and the 787. The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) reported last week that Mike Delaney, Boeing’s VP of airplane development, said that the company believes there’s a market for up to 5000 aircraft that would seat up to 270 and operate on routes up to 10 hours long. Read More
Meet Andrae - Andrae Paints Lycoming Cylinders 
|| If Andrae's Team Didn't Prepare Your Cylinder, Then It's Not a 
Genuine Lycoming Factory Cylinder
AVweb actually has a policy about ignoring coverage of “youngest pilot” aviation exploits since they can and have led to disaster but a story out of the U.K. is one of the exceptions. Read More
ADS-B by NavWorx || UAT Out & In!
We asked readers to name their favorite airshow performers or performances. The results are in, and no one appearing on the upcoming November ballot made the cut here. Readers are picky. Read More
The Brainteaser #220 Bonus Question asked readers to name their favorite airshow performers or performances. The results are in, and no one appearing on the upcoming November ballot made the cut here. (This is an audio recording of the People's Choice Award article.) Read More

Perhaps it's cooler in the southern hemisphere, but here at North 41 degrees 17 minutes / West 93 degrees 6 minutes, it's hot enough to fry an egg on the hangar roof, which will be easier to swallow when you ace this quiz. (Includes results of last month's reader survey on favorite airshow performers.)

Click here to take the quiz.

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Alpha Systems AOA || Fly Safer with Angle of 
Remember films like The Blue Max, The Red Baron or Flyboys? They all depicted WWI aerial warfare, in machines invented decades earlier. Instead of defined runways, pilots of that era landed and took off from large, broad fields, which always allowed them to fly into the prevailing wind. One of the reasons those big fields were necessary was the lack of early airplanes’ maneuverability—some had control-authority issues at low speeds—so the range of available runway directions was expanded to include them all. Read More
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Probably not. A much-reported fatal crash of a Tesla reveals that car autonomy is more complicated. Read More
DC One-X from David Clark
Sensenich is well-known for its complete line of wooden aircraft propellers. In this classic AVweb video, we learn how the company does it with a complete factory tour. Read More
Your Passengers Are Going to Love You for This 
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Picture of 
the Week
Dustin Mosher of Tehachapi, CA turns up the contrast in our latest "PotW" selection — showing off two very different airplanes. (Or maybe they're not so different, after all.) Click through for more photos from AVweb readers. Read More
I was flying an A-36 Bonanza through the SFO Class Bravo a few years ago and there was quite a bit of airline traffic departing at the time. ATC advised me of a Southwest 737 climbing out at my 1 o'clock and I let them know I had it in sight...They then spoke to the Southwest Flight "Southwest 9999 traffic 3 o'clock 2 miles, a Bonanza level 4 thousand" ... Southwest: "Southwest 9999, we're looking" A few seconds later, "Southwest 9999, Tally-ho, we've got the doctor in sight" .... I guess nowadays the "doctor" would be in a Cirrus - Colin Smith Read More
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Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community.

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