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With drones, as with most things, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. That’s a principal finding of a report by the FAA’s Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) which involved 23 universities flinging drones at crash test dummies. Read More
Cessna TTx || The Difference Is Clear
China’s long-awaited C919 single-aisle airliner flew for the first time on Friday and completed an 80-minute low-altitude and low-speed loop around the Yangtze River delta area before landing in Shanghai. The Chinese government, which built the airliner through its wholly owned Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), issued a statement saying the flight went well and all systems worked. Read More
Unriveled range of cylinders 
unbeatable list of benefits, only from Continental
Russian pilots have sent a petition to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) alleging that Rosaviatsiya, the government agency responsible for crew certification, is canceling the credentials of hundreds of pilots who trained at private schools rather than those run by the government department. Read More
The SolarStratos prototype electric aircraft made its maiden voyage Friday morning with test pilot Damian Hischier at the controls. Rapahel Domjan, the project’s founder, hopes the 81-foot wide, 1,000-pound plane will ultimately climb as high as 75,000 feet with pilots wearing pressurized space suits. Read More
Precise Flight 'Enjoy every breath Premium boom 
Boeing is looking at offering derivatives of the 737 MAX to replace NATO militaries’ fleets of aging and thirsty Boeing 707s, according to a report by Aviation Week. The Boeing 707 was the starting airframe for 140 special observation aircraft still in use around the world (including the E-6, E-3, E-8, RC-135, OC-135 and WC-135). The most produced military variant of the 707, the KC-135 Stratotanker, is being replaced by the Boeing KC-46A, which is derived from the Boeing 767 platform. Many of the Boeing 707 variants entered service in early 1960s. Read More
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Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents Read More
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The next-generation single probably goes the only place it can go: bigger, faster and more expensive. Read More
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Stratus offers a parts kit that allows you to build your own ADS-B In receiver to get weather information from the FAA system. It gets traffic, too, but there is a disclaimer. Read More
of the Week
It looks like an air force from another era but these Agcats are a modern tool in the quest to feed the planet. The aircraft are ready to tackle pest control for the rice growing season in California and Chris Haile shot this great picture. Nice one, Chris. Read More
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Back before Houston's Hobby airport was given a Class B veil, I had my single engine Beechcraft based there. It was a busy mix of private planes and Southwest Airlines jets. One afternoon, as I was returning to the airport, I was directed to overfly the field and turn final to runway 17. At Hobby, runways 17 and 13 join at the northwest corner, so an aircraft could use either one from the starting point. As I crossed over, I heard the following communications between the control tower and a Piper twin obviously unfamiliar with the airport ... Tower: Piper 123, cleared for takeoff runway 17, right turn out approved ... The Piper acknowledged the clearance but started toward runway 13 instead ... Tower (seeing the mistake): Piper 123, you were cleared to 17, but you are using 13. (brief pause) But, that's okay, continue on 13 ... The pause was just long enough for the Piper to make a hard right turn toward 17 before hearing the revised clearance ... Tower: Piper 123, okay, now you are using 17. Go ahead and continue ... Too late, the Piper swung into a left turn back to 13 ... Tower: Ah, Piper 123 now you are back to 13, okay, cleared for takeoff ... Again, the confused Piper swung back toward 17 ... Tower (in exasperation): Uh sir, Piper 123, pick a runway, either runway and just take off! Read More

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