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Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein says a pilot shortage, compounded by an aging aircraft fleet, affects readiness and that ultimately means more airman will die in combat. “I will tell you that the cost of not having the right level of readiness is it will take longer to win — we will win, but it will take longer, and less airmen will come home,” Goldfein told the San Antonio News Express. Read More
A Skywest CRJ700 was evacuated on a taxiway at Denver International Airport Sunday after an engine caught fire as it was taxiing to the gate. "After landing safely at Denver, SkyWest Flight 5869, a CRJ700 operating as United Express from Aspen to Denver, experienced engine issues, Skywest said in a statement. Read More
American pilot Kirby Chambliss took first place in the Red Bull Air Race in Budapest on Sunday, edging Canadian Pete McLeod by a tenth of a second on the spectacular course that includes flying under the famed Chain Bridge. Read More
A French company has received EASA and Canadian certification for an aftermarket exhaust system that could substantially reduce noise complaints at training airports. Epagny-based Chabord has developed exhaust systems for Cessna 150, 152 and 172 aircraft it says cut the noise from them by at least half. Read More
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The Senate’s Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will almost certainly include authorization for $1.2 billion to buy a fleet of light attack aircraft. Support for the OA-X project has been steadily gaining traction since Senator John McCain proposed that the Air Force acquire 300 low-cost, off-the-shelf observation and attack aircraft early this year. Read More
Both occupants of a twin Cessna survived a crash on the 405 freeway shortly after departure from John Wayne Airport. The pilot reported to the tower that they had lost the right engine and were trying to circle back to the airport (recording from available below). The tower offered the Cessna right traffic for 20R shortly before the plane crashed northeast of the airport—either on a left base for 20R or right base having overshot the centerline. Read More

Before beginning a flight, the PIC must become familiar with all available information concerning that flight. Tall order that, but, honestly, you'll be closer to fulfilling the FAR 91.103 mandate after you ace this quiz.

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To celebrate our country's freedom and give a personal thank you to those who serve in uniform, become a volunteer pilot for Veterans Airlift Command. Read More
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Is this pilot shortage we've all heard about a real thing or not? Ask Horizon Air. Read More
Ken Dravis was inspired to pursue both music and aviation careers by superstar John Denver. Among his early compositions was a catchy tune called Go Around. Dravis is a NetJets captain who continues to record music and front a John Denver tribute band called Eagle River. Read More
Can wi-fi make you a smarter pilot?
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It hardly seems possible that it's only been a little more than a century since the fastest mode of transport pulled a caboose but Mike Buettgenbach captured the juxtaposition perfectly. Breakfast was good, too. Nice shot, Mike Read More
International 'Aviation Alert! Short video on how EI saved this pilot's 
AOPA President Mark Baker says it would be a disaster for general aviation if the airlines succeed in their lobbying and Congress privatizes air traffic control. Read More

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A foreign student turning off after landing at a strange airport ... Tower: What are your intentions? ... Student: Returning to China as soon as possible!... Robert Reser Read More

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