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Jack Pelton, Chairman of EAA, says AirVenture 2017, the 65th edition and the 48th consecutive show held at Whitman Regional in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is likely to be the biggest ever. Last year, the show reached a new attendance record, but a modest one—up 1% over 2015. This year, advance purchase tickets are up 12% over last year, and aircraft parking was 85% full by Sunday night, said Pelton. Read More
The FAA has reorganized its certification division, scrapping the familiar Transport, Small Airplane, Engine and Propeller and Rotorcraft Directorates in favor of a new “functionally-aligned organizational structure.” Read More
The entire fleet of Piper M600s has been grounded following the discovery of a single, non-conforming aft wing spar from Piper’s component supplier. The non-conforming part was discovered to be below minimum thickness in one region, prompting a mandatory service bulletin. Read More
The most widely supported GPS + Dual Band
For pilots who are still not sure about how the BasicMed program works, or if it’s right for them, the FAA’s latest Safety Briefing magazine aims to answer all of your questions. The issue, available for free download online, includes a Q&A, an infographic that walks you through the procedures and advice on how to talk to your doctor about the options. It also features a listing of all the FAA safety forums scheduled for this week at the FAA Safety Center at EAA AirVenture. Read More
Icon Aircraft hopes to deliver 15 aircraft by the end of this year and ramp up to 200 for 2018. In an interview at AirVenture 2017, CEO Kirk Hawkins said six aircraft have been delivered to customers who have so far been pleased with the aircraft. Read More
CubCrafters announced Monday at AirVenture that it's offering Garmin's top-selling G3X Touch in its Part 23 certified XCub, making it the first company to amend a type certificate to allow non-certified or non-TSO'd avionics. The G3X Touch is a favorite among homebuilders and light sport manufacturers and has a full-featured primary flight display plus an autopilot with envelope protection. Read More
The Over and Above Underwriter - 
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Superior Air Parts, holder of 3,500 PMAs for general aviation aircraft, celebrates 50 years in business with the publication of Engine Management 101, a compendium of years of experience building and selling replacement engine parts. Well-known to mechanics and owners, Superior is the only supplier of many replacement engine parts other than the original equipment manufacturer. Superior takes great pride in keeping prices for replacement parts competitive. Read More
BREAKTHROUGH! - Cubcrafters
At AirVenture 2017, Cirrus announced the new Embark complimentary training program intended to help buyers transitioning to used SR20 and SR22 aircraft. Read More
with the purchase of an IFD550 - Premium GPS Navigator with Syn Vis & 
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By Monday's opening day at AirVenture, the show had already outdone itself. Read More
The immaculately restored B-29, Doc, arrived at AirVenture over the weekend. Avweb got a tour of the airplane and prepared this video. If you're at AirVenture, make sure to get a good look at this aircraft. Read More
Introducing a direct slide-in replacement 
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Many years ago we were on the ramp at Augusta Bush Field tuned in to ground frequency about to call for our clearance and heard this ... Cessna XYZ: Ground, Cessna XYZ requests taxi ... Ground: Cessna XYZ, do you have Charlie? ... Cessna XYZ: Uh, no. I'm solo today ... Ground: No, no, Cessna XYZ, do you have ATIS information Charlie? ... Cessna XYZ: Uh, Ground, I'm just a country boy. I don't know about that big city stuff ... After that, Ground just chuckled, gave him the information and cleared him on his way. Read More
Can wi-fi make you a smarter pilot?

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