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Aug. 21 will likely go down in history as one of the most interesting for pilots, the FAA and airports across a middle swath of the country that will include the path of totality for a solar eclipse. The level of activity expected at airports along the path is pretty well documented but what is not known is how many aircraft are going to launch in the near darkness to experience the phenomenon from an airborne perch. Read More
The pilot of a homebuilt Wheeler Express was killed when the engine reportedly “sputtered” in the traffic pattern, and the aircraft subsequently crashed in rugged terrain about a mile from Madras airport. The San Carlos, California based aircraft was travelling to Madras, Oregon for Monday’s solar eclipse. News reports originally stated that two people had been killed in the crash based on parking reservations made at the airport, but family members confirmed that the pilot was the sole person on board. Read More
The FAA is officially disbanding the regionally structured Flight Standards Service (FSS) on Monday. As of Aug. 21, the FSS will be based around four functional areas—Air Carrier Safety Assurance, General Aviation Safety Assurance, Safety Standard, and Foundational Business. Read More
The FAA has made operational changes at San Francisco International Airport in response to last month’s aborted landing by an Air Canada A320, the Bay Area News Group reported on Tuesday. The FAA no longer allows visual approaches for aircraft approaching SFO at night with an adjacent parallel runway closed, FAA spokesman Ian Gregor told the News Group. “When these conditions prevail, our controllers issue pilots Instrument Landing System approaches or satellite-based approaches, which help pilots line up for the correct runway,” Gregor said. Read More
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Precise Flight 'Enjoy every breath Premium boom 
With more companies writing aviation insurance, it’s a buyer’s market. Premiums are at historic lows and a wide range of coverage is available. Read More
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The SF50 Vision Jet does just what Cirrus says it would. Buyers, I'm sure, will swoon. But what's next? Read More
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L-3 Avionics Systems continues to advance its Lynx NGT9000 multifunction ADS-B transponder. In addition to ADS-B weather and traffic, the new software enables display of Stormscope lightning data, enhanced traffic surveillance and terrain alerting. Aviation Consumer magazine Editor Larry Anglisano went flying with the system, along with L-3's Todd Scholten and Jessica Power, in the L-3 company airplane for this product demonstration video. Read More
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Who doesn't like a nice sunset? We get lots of sunset pictures and while we use some, you won't find any getting a coveted AVweb hat. Just so you know, we like pictures of airplanes and Tim Austin got a beauty at AirVenture with this one. Thanks, Tim. Read More
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My daughter and I flew back from AirVenture on the last day of the show.  While flying over eastern Iowa and monitoring 122.80 we heard the following conversation that we assumed was between a couple of crop dusters ... Pilot 1: "Hey XXX did you make it to Oshkosh this year?” ... Pilot 2: "Yeah, we got over there on Tuesday.  The weather was perfect!” ... Pilot 1: "Yeah, I was talking to YYY and he said he “had so much fun there that if he died and went to heaven it would be a lateral move!" Read More

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