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NASA is now evaluating five proposed designs for an X-plane that will test new technologies that could help airliners to fly more quietly, burn less fuel and release fewer emissions than aircraft flying today. The concepts aim to address NASA’s goals for 2035, such as a 60 to 80 percent reduction in fuel consumption, greater than 80 percent reduction in emissions and reducing noise by more than 50 percent. “As of now, the plan is to begin implementation of the first subsonic X-Plane project around 2020, leading to a first flight in 2026,” said Fay Collier, NASA’s associate director for flight strategy. Read More
The CEO of Qantas has challenged Airbus and Boeing to build an airliner that could fly nonstop from Sydney to London with a full payload, by 2022. “This is a last frontier in global aviation,” said Alan Joyce, in an address to investors on Friday. “The antidote to the tyranny of distance. And a revolution for air travel in Australia.” A direct flight would last about 20 hours, about four hours less travel time for a journey to London than today’s flights, which require a fuel stop in Asia or the Middle East. Read More
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While the aviation industry in the U.S. is fighting hard to oppose proposals to privatize the air traffic system, Nav Canada, the private not-for-profit company that runs Canada’s ATC, said recently it will refund $60 million in fees to its customers this year. “Higher than expected traffic growth this year has put us in a position to be able to refund [these fees] to our customers,” said CEO Neil Wilson, in a news release on Aug. 11. Fees are also going down, effective Sept. 1, with a 3.5 percent average reduction to base rates and a 0.4 percent one-time rate reduction. Read More
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The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading Foundation is giving $10,000 to Women in Aviation International (WAI) to expand distribution of Aviation for Girls magazine and produce an updated brochure on aviation careers. "With this ISTAT Foundation grant, we address two important issues facing aviation: attracting young people to the aviation community and giving them concrete information on the multitude of aviation careers open to them,” says WAI President Dr. Peggy Chabrian. Read More
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Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents. Read More
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AOPA opposes privatization but its counterpart in Canada says the switch has worked there. Today's blog explores both views. Read More
L3 Aviation Products continues to advance its Lynx NGT9000 multifunction ADS-B transponder. In addition to ADS-B weather and traffic, the new software enables display of Stormscope lightning data, enhanced traffic surveillance and terrain alerting. Aviation Consumer magazine Editor Larry Anglisano went flying with the system, along with L3's Todd Scholten and Jessica Power, in the L3 company airplane for this product demonstration video. Read More

In anything we do aloft, Risk pokes its ugly head beneath the wing flap. But when confronted with the facts, Risk melts into a sniveling bully unable to confront your awesome ability to ace this quiz.

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While flying back to my home airport, KAVQ, I heard this exchange from two pilots entering the non-towered airport airspace ... Cherokee: Cherokee 1234 entering left downwind for runway 12, full stop ... A Grumman Tiger pilot was also entering left downwind making a similar call ... Cherokee pilot: Grumman aircraft, we will swing wide since you are faster to allow you to land first ... Grumman pilot: No problem, I'm retired.  Grumman number two to land behind the Cherokee ... And so they did ... John Winter Read More

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