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As Hurricane Irma bears down on what may be a landfall somewhere in Florida, aircraft owners across the state are considering whether to move their airplanes or just lash them down and hope for the best. Read More
After a contentious battle with the FAA over the design and certification specifications of the ADS-600-B system, NavWorx says it is now shipping a reworked version of the system, the ADS600-B 2.0. But the system is only for experimental aircraft. Read More
Garmin - GDL 5l Portable SiriusXM Receiver
A Boeing 747-400 SuperTanker whose owners have been disputing a rule of the U.S. Forest Service that keeps them from flying fought a fire in the U.S. for the first time last week, contracted by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The SuperTanker can drop more than 19,000 gallons of water or retardant at a time. “In six days of firefighting, the SuperTanker has flown 14 sorties, and made 22 drops of 248,025 gallons of retardant on four fires in California,” company spokesman Lewis Lowe told AVweb on Wednesday. Read More
Unriveled range of cylinders 
unbeatable list of benefits, only from Continental
Lilium, a start-up aviation company based in Munich, announced on Thursday they have raised $90 million in investment to develop the five-seat Lilium aircraft. The funding, which brings the total capital raised to $100 million, will enable the company to grow its staff to more than 70 and work toward a first manned flight in 2019. The new investment “makes Lilium one of the best-funded electric aircraft projects in the world,” said CEO Daniel Wiegand. Read More
The Over and Above Underwriter - 
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Fostering a good pilot/examiner relationship is essential to overcoming test-day jitters, and knowing a little about aerodynamics, FARs and weather forecasts will help you ace any checkride and this quiz.

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Controller: Cessna 123, traffic, opposition direction, five miles, at 4,000 feet ... Cessna 123: Looking for traffic, Cessna 123 ... Controller: Cessna 123, Love Field, six miles, 12 o’clock ... Cessna 123: Cessna 123 looking for Love ... Pause ... Cessna123: That didn't come out right, did it ... Controller: No but we hope you find Love, ... and the airport ... Alan Werner Read More
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Power of Flight
Changing Lives with the Power of Aviation
Able Flight makes it possible for people with disabilities and wounded veterans to become pilots or have a career in aviation. We don't offer rides or introductory flights. We make pilots! With over 40 licensed pilots to date and more to come very soon, Able Flight is the only non-profit of its kind in the United States. Support the scholarship fund with your tax deductible donation at

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Lessons learned from a Lancair Super Legacy and Dick Rutan. Read More
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Anyone who says this decision is a no-brainer doesn't have the first clue. Read More
Composite props may be the latest shiny object to make airplanes go, but most of them have wood cores, and the basic wooden prop is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence. AVweb's Paul Bertorelli took a tour of Sensenich's prop factory in Plant City, Florida, to see how these products are made. Read More
International 'Aviation Alert! Short video on how EI saved this pilot's 
of the Week
Not a single sunset but there is a rainbow in this batch. The AVweb hat goes to Bob Shaw who caught this BAE 146 converted to an air tanker that we're sure the manufacturer never envisioned in this attitude and role when it designed the regional airliner. Nice shot, Bob. Read More
Aircraft Spruce - 'Trans-Cal Altitude Encoder

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