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The CEO of Naples Jet Center at Naples Airport in Florida told AVweb he and everyone else involved in the clean-up after Hurricane Irma are writing a new playbook. “None of us have ever been through anything like this before,” Matt Hagans told AVweb after meeting with airport and FAA officials at the airport on Tuesday. Read More
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The president of the largest benefit flying organization in the U.S. says help is welcome from private aircraft owners in the enormous relief efforts in Texas and Florida but it needs guidance and direction. Read More
Doug Jackson didn’t set out to found the largest private disaster airlift operation in history, but Operation Airdrop took on a life of its own. Jackson, who owns a vehicle trailer dealership, was using some of his trailers to drive relief supplies to the Gulf Coast when he got the idea to work with a fellow pilot and friend to coordinate relief flights by general aviation pilots. Twelve days ago, Jackson was organizing missions on his cellphone with a notepad between flights, when the Operation Airdrop command center spontaneously self-organized. Read More
When the FAA set aside ten million dollars to help general aviation pilots comply with the ADS-B Out 2020 mandate, few predicted that pilots would leave more than half that money on the table, but on Sept. 18 it’ll be official. Starting on September 19 of last year, the FAA offered aircraft owners $500 to equip their airplanes with the ADS-B Out equipment required to permit those airplanes to fly in what is now Mode C airspace after January 1, 2020. Read More
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Landing in the trees is hardly ever a first choice, but it worked out for one pilot on Monday morning. Around 11:30 a.m. local time, a pilot flying a rental Cessna 172 from Robertson Airport crashed into a tree in the parking lot of an industrial equipment company adjacent to the airport. Security camera footage of the Carling Technologies parking lot shows the 1981 Skyhawk appearing to enter a spin, when it collides with a tree. Read More
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For one thing, don't do anything, ever, anywhere unless you're ready to be a viral video star. Read More
The Morane Saulnier Type L was an early wing-warping parasol design used in World War I both as a fighter and a trainer. At AirVenture in 2017, Daher--builder of the TBM--showed off a unique reproduction of the Type L. AVweb shot this video tour of the airplane. Read More
The impulse is to help and pilots have the tools to do a tremendous amount of good in crisis situations but they can also do a lot of harm. Air Care Alliance President Rol Murrow spoke with AVweb about how to really use your skills and equipment to help out. Read More

of the Week
Ah, what summer flying is all about. A Cub on floats is about as grassroots as it gets and Daniel Hanson captured the mood perfectly. Thanks, Daniel. Read More
International 'Aviation Alert! Short video on how EI saved this pilot's 

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