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The FAA has banned drones from flying within 400 feet of several U.S. landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore, and five of the largest dams in the U.S. a day after FBI Director Christopher Wray said he was worried about terrorists using drones against the U.S. Read More
Air France is facing a daunting technical challenge to repair an extensively damaged A380 at one of Canada’s most remote airports. Read More
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Elon Musk says his SpaceX company is developing a new booster system that will launch a cargo mission to Mars by 2022, followed by manned missions in 2024. Moreover, the new system, which he calls the BFR, will be capable of re-entry and reuse, making hypersonic passenger service between cities on earth practical and affordable. Read More
A Southwest passenger traveling from Baltimore to Los Angeles earlier this week was removed from her flight after telling flight attendants she was deathly allergic to dogs. The passenger, Anila Daulatzai, 46, is a college professor from Baltimore. Two passengers aboard the flight were traveling with canine companions. Video shot by one of the other passengers, Bill Dumas, began circulating late this week showing Maryland Transportation Authority Police struggling to get Daulatzai off the plane. Read More
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AOPA announced the locations of the four fly-ins for 2018. Up first is KMSO, Missoula International Airport, in Western Montana on June 15-16—the first fly-in held in the mountain west region of the country. AOPA is saving the next three for cooler fall weather: KSAF, Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Sept. 14-15; KMDH, Carbondale, Illinois, on Oct. 5-6; and KJKA, Gulf Shores, Alabama, on Oct. 26-27. Read More
Loss of control accidents involving inadvertent stalls and spins—incipient and full-blown—continue to cause too many accidents. Properly directed spin recognition and recovery training could help prevent the accidents. Read More
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When the last BFR blasts the last human to Mars, I'll still be here claiming it will never work. Can I at least drive the abandoned Teslas? Read More
Cirrus has begun shipping its long-awaited SF50 VisionJet and as part of a two-video series, AVweb recently flew the jet from the company's Duluth, Minnesota factory to the east coast. In this long form video, AVweb takes a deep dive into how the airplane performs and how it compares to other small jets. Read More
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The classic lines of the Nanchang CJ-6 and the beautiful background sold us on this lovely image. Colin McGeachy is the windblown pilot and John Weir took the photo near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Read More
On Tower frequency at a rural class Delta ... Cessna: Uh, Tower caution some sort of otter or marmot just went right in front of my plane ... Tower: It was a groundhog. That is our airport groundhog ... Cessna: Ok regardless of type he just crossed Alpha without clearance. Tell him to check his frequency ... Tower: We'll have a talk with him.  Cleared for takeoff 23 ... George Mendenhall Read More
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