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To replace the aging G600 and G500 retrofit primary flight displays, Garmin this week announced the new TXi series retrofit PFD/MFD displays. Read More
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The NTSB is investigating the collision between a civilian drone and an Army UH-60 helicopter that took place in New York on Sept. 21, the board said on Thursday. “The NTSB is investigating the incident because the drone was a civilian aircraft,” the board said in a news release. The Army also is conducting its own investigation. Read More
Zunum Aero, a startup based in Seattle that plans to build a family of hybrid-to-electric regional aircraft, released details of its initial design on Thursday. The aircraft, the company said, will seat up to 12 passengers, and will be ready for flight tests in 2019 and first deliveries in 2022. The company also announced the opening of a development center in the Chicago area, where they plan to add more staff, expand the work on their electric propulsion technologies and start ground tests. Read More
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Tens of thousands of pilots, from student pilots through senior captains, have come to make Safelog the world's most trusted e-logbook system. Access and update your pilot logbook on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Web. Totals, currency, graphs, instant IACRA, signatures, photos, printouts, and more — all synchronizing seamlessly — mean your logbook is futureproof, safe, and always available. No-cost transition service for users of other e-logbook systems available. Get started now at or today!
Boeing announced on Thursday it plans to acquire Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation, a technology company that specializes in autonomous systems and robotic aircraft. "The combined strength and innovation of our teams will advance the development of autonomy for our commercial and military systems," said Greg Hyslop, chief technology officer and senior vice president of Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology. Read More
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Citing the growing global pilot shortage, the University of North Dakota on Wednesday announced it has established a $1.5 million scholarship endowment for high-achieving students to earn their wings. The endowment is funded by $500,000 contributions from the nonprofit UND Aerospace Foundation, UND Promise Scholarship Program and the James C. Ray Foundation. The scholarships will go to incoming freshmen. Read More
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Storage. Protection. Style. Built from the ground up to be the ultimate solution for storing and protecting all of the gear you will need while flying, with a special focus on your most important tool, the iPad. Three size options. Custom embroidery available. Click Here to buy now.
Bell Helicopter’s V-280 Valor prototype is ready to fly and on track for its first flight this November, the company said this week, and is now completing ground-run tests at the Bell assembly center in Amarillo, Texas. The V-280 is a clean-sheet next-generation tilt-rotor designed for military use. It will be simple to operate and affordable, Bell says. During the ground tests, the engineering team will check all the aircraft systems and flight controls before the first flight. Read More
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The new flight and navigational display capabilities now at your fingertips are amazing. But matching your needs with the array of available products can be overwhelming. The editors of IFR Refresher and IFR magazine have kept pace with the glass invasion over the years and are pleased to announce a new e-book — Transition to Glass — filled with articles and advice to help pilots purchase, install, and safely master these new miracles of technology.

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Even if you’ve missed some key details in your flight planning, ATC can help keep you out of trouble. But, you should do your part, too. Read More
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Looks to me like it might be multi-rotors, if the manufacturers can get the numbers right. Read More
Cirrus has begun shipping its long-awaited SF50 VisionJet and as part of a two-video series, AVweb recently flew the jet from the company's Duluth, Minnesota factory to the east coast. In this long form video, AVweb takes a deep dive into how the airplane performs and how it compares to other small jets. Read More
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The classic lines of the Nanchang CJ-6 and the beautiful background sold us on this lovely image. Colin McGeachy is the windblown pilot and John Weir took the photo near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Read More
JP Instruments 'Primary JPI EDM 930'

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