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A federal judge issued a temporary restraining order preventing the shortening of the runway at Santa Monica Airport the day before the work was to begin. Read More
GA groups have mustered some considerable star power to fight the proposed privatization of air traffic control in the U.S. and will be unleashing the campaign on Tuesday at the opening general session of the NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas. Read More
Canadian officials say they’ll talk to their counterparts in India after air traffic controllers reportedly ignored a series of Mayday calls from an Air Canada Boeing 787 and ordered the crew to enter holds instead. Read More
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Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has the go-ahead to use a fleet of balloons to restore internet and communication services to hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico. The balloons, recently deployed in Peru for the same purpose, were developed by Loon, an Alphabet subsidiary and sister company to Google. Read More
After punishing Bombardier with a 219 percent tariff on the CSeries airliner last week, the U.S. Commerce Department slapped another 80 percent levy on the jet this week. Responding to a complaint from Boeing, the Commerce department found that Bombardier’s prices on the CSeries in a sale to Delta Air Lines amounted to dumping or selling goods below cost. Read More
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There were no serious injuries in the crash of a 1964 C-model Mooney in Middlesex, Virginia, on Saturday that was absorbed by a luckily vacant house. Read More
It’s been stormy in Europe this week and that, of course, has sent planespotters to runways all over the continent looking for gear-punishing landings and they found a couple. The bounce on the 747 landing at Schipol in Amsterdam is cringeworthy while the A380 arrival at Frankfurt reminds us the wind demands respect, no matter how big and powerful the airframe. There but for the grace.... Read More
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Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents. Read More
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Or what kind of rube do you take me for? Read More
Cirrus has begun shipping its long-awaited SF50 VisionJet and as part of a two-video series, AVweb recently flew the jet from the company's Duluth, Minnesota factory to the east coast. In this long form video, AVweb takes a deep dive into how the airplane performs and how it compares to other small jets. Read More
International 'Aviation Alert! Short video on how EI saved this pilot's 
It's been called absurd by Bombardier and the Canadian government and aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia agrees that the 300 percent import duties proposed against CSeries airliners by the U.S. Commerce Department are unprecedented. He also told AVweb's Russ Niles the crushing penalties may actually help Bombardier. Read More

of the Week
Thank you, readers, the picture entries keep getting better and we really like the light and subject matter of Joe Dory's cell phone snap of Robbie Schoeoflin landing on a harvested bean field in Washington State. Just beautiful, Joe. Read More
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The fall at Juneau Airport, where I’m a controller, generally sees pretty gross days, rain and lots of wind.  One day we had six miles of visibility and winds of more than 25 knots and gusts more than 30.  I was working a Coast Guard helicopter out and it occurred to me that I never really see those guys when the weather was nice.  I figured I'd ask ... Tower: CG 6043 frequency change approved, you guys have time for a question? ... CG pilot: Frequency change approved and go ahead ... Tower:  You guys ever fly in nice weather? ... CG pilot: No Read More

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