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NBAA-BACE opens Tuesday with delegates in a fighting mood as they collectively tackle what President Ed Bolen says is the biggest challenge to ever face business aviation. He’s of course talking about a bill, now treading water in Congress, that would turn the air traffic control system over to an unelected board of directors with membership weighted toward airline representatives. Read More
Dassault is working on a clean sheet business aircraft design but part of the news is that the development process will be virtually paperless. Read More
Just two years ago, GE's Business and General Aviation unit announced a new, clean-sheet turboprop and the company said at NBAA-BACE Monday that it will soon run a conforming prototype. The engine is called the ATP for advanced turboprop and although it's not based on the H-series engines GE bought from the Czech Republic-based Walter Engines in 2008, the engine is being developed and manufactured in the company's Prague facility. Read More
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Pilatus is finishing up certification work on its PC-24, which it calls the "Super Versatile" jet and claims it will deliver the first customer aircraft before the end of the year. At an NBAA-BACE press conference in Las Vegas on Monday, Pilatus CEO Markus Bucher said EASA is completing its final reviews on the aircraft and that the three test articles--once of which is on display in the hall here in Las Vegas--have accumulated more than 2000 flight hours. Read More
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An American Airlines Boeing 777 was damaged Monday evening at Hong Kong Airport when either luggage or cargo being loaded on the aircraft caught fire. Read More
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It's something to do with a 2000-HP engine that must have something to do with GE. Read More
Cirrus has begun shipping its long-awaited SF50 VisionJet and as part of a two-video series, AVweb recently flew the jet from the company's Duluth, Minnesota factory to the east coast. In this long form video, AVweb takes a deep dive into how the airplane performs and how it compares to other small jets. Read More
The NBAA-BACE convention in Las Vegas has become the rallying point for opposition to the move in Congress to privatize air traffic control. NBAA President Ed Bolen explains how individuals can help. Read More

of the Week
Thank you, readers, the picture entries keep getting better and we really like the light and subject matter of Joe Dory's cell phone snap of Robbie Schoeoflin landing on a harvested bean field in Washington State. Just beautiful, Joe. Read More

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