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Icon has delivered the first of its Model Year 18 aircraft, the company said on Thursday. The new version incorporates “numerous functional and manufacturability improvements,” the company said. The changes include improved nose gear, which makes the A5 easier to steer and taxi; instruments with better legibility, illumination, and reliability; and reduced complexity, weight and airflow of the oil cooler. “This aircraft marks the start of a new production phase of the A5 as we resume volume production and ramp up rates to deliver customer aircraft on a larger scale,” said CEO Kirk Hawkins. Read More
The state of Wisconsin plans to take legal action against Kestrel for the company’s failure “to show measurable progress toward obtaining financing” to repay a state loan that’s 11 months overdue, the Duluth News Tribune reported this week. Wisconsin gave the company, headed by Alan Klapmeier, $4 million in state loans and millions more in tax incentives in 2012. The money was meant to help build a plant in Superior, Wisconsin, to work on the single-engine turboprop and help create more than 600 jobs. Read More
Cessna TTx || The Difference Is Clear
The NTSB issued a Safety Alert on Wednesday aimed at pilots who wear helmets while flying that have a cord attached to the aircraft’s internal communication system. Those cords may not easily detach in the case of an emergency, the safety board has found. The board cited two accidents, both involving helicopters, when the pilot’s egress following an accident was impeded by the connecting cord. In one accident, the pilot survived, but in another crash, both the pilot and passenger died. Read More
BREAKTHROUGH! - Cubcrafters
Horizon Pilots sent a letter over the weekend to the board of directors of the Alaska Air Group, and members of the media, challenging the company’s version of how the pilot shortage came to pass. Horizon has been among the regional carriers most visibly affected by a shortage of pilots, cancelling 700 flights per month after giving up some routes to be flown by SkyWest. Read More
Starr - 'Click to read about Basic Med'
The remotely piloted Ikhana drone could be flying unescorted in the National Airspace System as early as fall 2018, NASA said last week. Testing in the NAS is planned to take place from NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. During the test, Ikhana would fly alone in the NAS for the first time, without a manned aircraft nearby. Meanwhile, a panel of industry and law enforcement officials have failed to reach agreement on how drones should be tracked and managed by federal authorities. Read More
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Yes, it’s fun—but beware of unexpected problems. Read More
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Its importance as prime mover may be years away, but lots of companies are dabbling and investing, including GE. Read More
Winglets improve aircraft efficiency by shaping wingtip vortices and reducing drag. But what really improves efficiency is added wingspan. Tamarack Aerospace offers both in its patented active winglet technology. And now they're migrating it from business jets to airliners. AVweb prepared this video report at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas. Read More
Alsim has been making flight simulators in France for 24 years and has sold dozens of flight training devices in North America. To better serve that market, it's opened an office in Austin, Texas. AVweb's Russ Niles spoke with the new manager of the North American operation, Scott Firsing. Read More

Lightspeed || Meet Zulu 3 A new and better 
choice in headsets
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Thank you, readers, the picture entries keep getting better and we really like the light and subject matter of Joe Dory's cell phone snap of Robbie Schoeoflin landing on a harvested bean field in Washington State. Just beautiful, Joe. Read More

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