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Volume 25, Number 15f
April 14, 2018
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Cessna Will Offer Epic Optix’s Low Cost HUD
Paul Bertorelli
Head-up displays, once and still the stuff of airline and military cockpits, will soon be an option in Cessna’s single-engine aircraft line. Cessna will offer the new Epic Optix Eagle HUD, a low-cost combiner display that’s capable of projecting not just basic flight data, but all kinds of imagery that any tablet can output.
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Update: Dynon’s Full Panel Installs for 172s On Track
Tim Cole
Following a March STC announcement, Dynon President Robert Hamilton told Avweb Friday that interest is building in the full-panel Skyview HDX upgrade for Cessna 172F through 172S models. “It’s an overnight sensation that only took eight years,” said Hamilton during an interview at Sun ‘n Fun.
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A Terrible, Bad, Really Wrong Idea
Mary Grady
Flight-sharing via app is back in play.
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C-47s Return To Normandy
Larry Anglisano
Daks Over Normandy is the planned flyover crossing the English Channel to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2019. Commencing in Oxford, Connecticut, dozens of C-47 aircraft and hundreds of paratroopers billowing through the sky in authentic Allied uniforms and World War II military-style parachutes will be the largest assembly of authentic aircraft and paratroopers since that fateful day on June 6, 1944. For this video, AVweb contributing editor Larry Anglisano talked with the D-Day Squadron's Executive Director, Moreno "Mo" Aguiari, about the event and toured one of the C-47 aircraft on display at Sun 'n Fun 2018 in Lakeland, Florida.
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LAMA Works on LSA Initiatives with FAA
Kate O'Connor
The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) is having good luck working with the FAA on initiatives to benefit the LSA community, according to LAMA Chairman of the Board and President Dan Johnson. In this podcast, Johnson spoke with AVweb about LAMA’s process in developing these initiatives and how the association has been coordinating with the FAA.
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Lycoming 'When can an engine give you 200 
extra flying hours?'
Wing-Mounted ADAHRS Now Available
Kate O'Connor
The new portable, externally mounted WingBug Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) from Straight & Level Technologies provides independent flight data for pretty much whichever aircraft it can be clipped to – as long as the aircraft in question doesn’t exceed 200 MPH.
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Boeing Invests In Hypersonic Engine
Mary Grady
HorizonX, the Boeing “innovation cell” that launched about a year ago, has invested in its first U.K. company, Reaction Engines Ltd., Boeing announced on Wednesday. Reaction is known for its “Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine” (Sabre), a hybrid engine that blends jet and rocket technology. The engine is capable of Mach 5 in air-breathing mode and Mach 25 in rocket mode for space flight, Boeing said.
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Follow Me || TBM 900
General Aviation Accident Bulletin
Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents.
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BRS Expands Cessna Parachute Centers
Kate O'Connor
At a time when changing perceptions about flight safety have pilots more interested in whole aircraft parachute systems, BRS Aerospace is expanding their network of approved installation centers for chute retrofits on Cessna 172s and 182s. In this exclusive podcast, company President Enrique Dillon told AVweb that BRS is looking to increase the number of approved centers around the world.
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Picture of the Week April 9, 2018
A collection of cool shots from recent AVWeb Picture of the Week contributions.
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