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Volume 25, Number 26c
June 29, 2018
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New Rule Targets Proficiency And Training Costs
Kate O'Connor
The FAA published a rule that it says “relieves burdens on pilots seeking to obtain aeronautical experience, training, and certification by increasing the allowed use of aviation training devices” on Wednesday. The rule makes changes to a number of other areas as well, including further modifications to complex aircraft requirements for commercial applicants and credit for sport pilot training.

Under the new rule, pilots will no longer need to have an instructor present to meet flight experience requirements for instrument currency in an aviation training device (ATD), flight training device (FTD) or full flight simulator (FFS).

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Lack of Examiners Creates Major Checkride Delays
Kate O'Connor
Flight training providers across the country are reporting that they are having trouble getting their flight students scheduled for practical tests in a timely fashion, according to reports received by the Flight School Association of North America (FSANA).
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What’s My GPS TellIng Me?
Ken Maples
Too many IFR pilots don’t know their GPS as intimately as they should. Hitting “Direct To” and their destination is as much as many can muster out of their navigator. There is a serious lack of knowledge of what the GPS is trying to tell them.
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Facebook Ends Drone Project
Kate O'Connor
Facebook announced on Wednesday that it is ending its Aquila drone program after four years of development. Aquila was a high-altitude platform station (HAPS) system designed to deliver internet in remote locations.
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General Aviation Accident Bulletin
Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents.
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Transcend Air Introduces Vy 400 VTOL Commuter
Kate O'Connor
Transcend Air Corporation has announced that it has begun development on a six-seat vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) concept designed to carry business travelers between major cities.
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JetBlue Radio Issues Cause Security Concerns
Kate O'Connor
A JetBlue flight out of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) triggered a significant security response after it lost radio contact with the tower while taxiing for takeoff at about 8 p.m. on Tuesday night. Some sources have reported that the crew entered the transponder code signaling a hijacking (7500) instead of the code for a communications failure (7600).

According to several passengers, the Airbus A321 was quickly surrounded by emergency vehicles and “heavily armed” law enforcement personnel boarded the aircraft.

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Red Bull Competition Heats Up
Mary Grady
Up until now, this year’s Red Bull Air Races had been dominated by the competition between Australia’s Matt Hall and U.S. favorite Michael Goulian—but at the latest race, in Budapest, Martin Sonka, from the Czech Republic, took the top spot.
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Forever Stuck at Mach 0.70?
Paul Bertorelli
Boeing's Hyperliner attempts to answer that by saying no.
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Picture of the Week, June 28, 2018
On June 14-17 there was a STOL competition on the beach in Knokke, Belgium. Photo by Peter Snoeckx.
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