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Volume 25, Number 27a
July 2, 2018
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FAA Reauthorization Takes Back Seat
Russ Niles
A proper FAA reauthorization may have to wait (again) thanks to this week’s surprise retirement of a Supreme Court justice.
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Canada Bans Lasers Near Airports
Russ Niles
It’s now illegal to possess most laser pointers (outside of houses) within six miles of any Canadian airport thanks to an order made by Canada’s transport minister on Friday.
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What’s My GPS TellIng Me?
Ken Maples
Too many IFR pilots don’t know their GPS as intimately as they should. Hitting “Direct To” and their destination is as much as many can muster out of their navigator. There is a serious lack of knowledge of what the GPS is trying to tell them.
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777 Main Gear Breaks
Russ Niles
Operators of Boeing 777s will likely be taking a close look at the landing gear on their aircraft after an unusual incident at Narita Airport in Japan on Friday. A Korean Air 777-300 was taxiing to the gate when the axle holding the rear set of wheels on the main gear broke.
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How PT-6 Turbines Are Overhauled
Paul Bertorelli
Pratt & Whitney's venerable PT-6 turbine is one of the marvels of aviation. But like everything else in aviation, it requires overhaul. In this engaging video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli gives us a tour of Continental Motors' United Turbine division, which specializes in the PT-6.
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General Aviation Accident Bulletin
Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents.
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Air Force Suspends Light Attack Flights
Russ Niles
The Air Force has suspended flight evaluations in its light attack aircraft experiment after the death of one of the program’s pilots in late June. Lt. Christopher Carey Short, a naval aviator, died in the crash of an A-29 Super Tucano at the Red Rio Bombing Range in the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.
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Harvard Study Shows Flight Attendants More Prone To Cancer
Kate O'Connor
New research from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests that flight attendants are at a higher risk than the general public for several forms cancer. The study also looked at the relationship between how long an individual had worked as a flight attendant and the rate of cancer diagnoses.
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Industry Round-up: June 29, 2018
AVweb Staff
This week, announcements have come in about a new Air Repair Station certification for Wayman Aviation, Adventure Aviation’s acquisition of an AL250 simulator, the recent release of an IFR communications manual from PilotWorkshops and additional AirVenture forum presentations by Superior Air Parts.
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Things Change, But Not Everything
Mary Grady
If you’re old enough to have been around the block a few times, like me, you might not think too often about how different things used to be. But now and then, you get reminded.
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Picture of the Week, June 28, 2018
On June 14-17 there was a STOL competition on the beach in Knokke, Belgium. Photo by Peter Snoeckx.
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Question of the Week

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Brainteasers Quiz #245: A Pilot Walks Into an Isobar

A good day aloft begins with a look at weather, because no matter how sharp you think you are at the controls, the sky has something to say about who flies and who aces this quiz.

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