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Volume 25, Number 31c
August 1, 2018
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All Survive Aeromexcio Crash
Kate O'Connor
An Embraer 190 operated by Aeromexico crashed on takeoff at Guadalupe Victoria International Airport in Durango, Mexico, on Tuesday afternoon. Early estimates say that 85 of the 101 people on board Aeromexico Flight 2431 were injured in the crash, including 12 critically.
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AirVenture In The Tail Lights
AVweb Staff
AirVenture 2018 set attendance records and also left the AVweb staff with some indelible memories.
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Latest MH370 Report Remains Inconclusive
Mary Grady
Despite an international effort to discover why Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crashed in March 2014, the accident investigation team has concluded in a report released Monday that it was “unable to determine the real cause for the disappearance.” The team said they were hampered by the lack of evidence, since the airplane has never been found. About two dozen pieces of wreckage have washed ashore in southeast Africa, but only three have been confirmed as part of the lost B777.
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Evolution Flight Display System Angle of 
Attack Indicator (AOA) || Aspen Avionics - Technology That 
Podcast: Being an Aviation Photographer
Kate O'Connor
Aerographs Aviation Photography's John Slemp has been taking pictures of all things aviation for quite some time now. In an interveiw at AirVenture 2018, he told AVweb all about what its like to have a career in aviation photography.
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EAA: AirVenture A Record-Breaker
Mary Grady
This year’s EAA AirVenture was “about as close as one could imagine” to perfect, EAA Chairman Jack Pelton said this week, in a news release summarizing this year’s data from the show.
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For Drone Pilots, A New And Better Technique
Mary Grady
Using your torso to fly a drone is easier and more precise than a joystick, Swiss researchers have found.
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One Week Wonder Flies
Kate O'Connor
EAA’s AirVenture 2018 One Week Wonder completed its first successful flight on Monday evening just one day after the show ended. At the beginning of the week, the Van’s RV12iS was nothing more than a pile of parts. During the seven days of the show, volunteers—ranging from experienced builders to show attendees who had never touched a rivet before—worked together to assemble the aircraft. In addition to being a lot of fun, EAA says the purpose of the project is to highlight the accessibility and possibilities of homebuilt aircraft.
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Gulfstream Delivers Medevac Aircraft
Mary Grady
A modified G550 jet designed for in-flight medical care has been delivered to the Beijing Red Cross Emergency Medical Center, Gulfstream announced last week. The jet features an “unprecedented degree of technological innovation,” according to Gulfstream.
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General Aviation Accident Bulletin
Recent general aviation and air carrier accidents.
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