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Volume 25, Number 32c
August 10, 2018
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Flight Sharing Battle Continues
Kate O'Connor
Former online flight sharing service Flytenow says that the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is standing in the way of flight sharing by opposing a Senate bill introduced in April by Senator Mike Lee of Utah. According to both AOPA and Flytenow, representatives from AOPA, NATA and NBAA held a conference call with Flytenow earlier this week to discuss the organizations’ opposition to the Aviation Empowerment Act (S. 2650).
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Dubious Idea Of The Week: Autonomous Skyhawk
Paul Bertorelli
Right idea. Wrong airplane.
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Caltech Develops Bird-Herding Drone Tech
Kate O'Connor
Engineers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a new control algorithm that they say will allow a drone to autonomously herd flocks of birds away from an airport. According to the university, the project was inspired by the encounter with a flock of geese that resulted in US Airways Flight 1549 being forced to land in the Hudson River.
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FAA to Publish Remote Connectivity Guidance
Kate O'Connor
The FAA said that it is working to finalize an Advisory Circular (AC) related to the use of connectivity technologies in a letter to ARSA on Tuesday. The AC is designed to provide guidance on using technologies such as video and live streaming for remote witnessing.
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Aviation Dream Jobs: Aviation Photography
Kate O'Connor
John Slemp of Aerographs Aviation Photography started taking pictures in 1984 as a hobby during his time in the Army.
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Akka Seeks Support For Train-Plane Concept
Mary Grady
Akka Technologies, a French engineering firm, pitched a futurist concept for a train-plane vehicle to Boeing and others last month at the Paris Air Show, according to Bloomberg News.
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Honda Delivers First Elite Models
Kate O'Connor
Honda Aircraft Company announced on Tuesday that it has begun deliveries of its new HondaJet Elite model. Honda introduced the Elite last May at a special hangar event ahead of the 2018 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Switzerland.
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Evolution Flight Display System Angle of 
Attack Indicator (AOA) || Aspen Avionics - Technology That 
Picture of the Week, August 9, 2018
We were about 45 NM north of EYW on the 2nd leg of my first flight in a Cirrus SR22 GTS. N900KP was rented from Paragon Flight (KFMY) and flown from Page Field to Key West International (KEYW). Photo by Robert Murray.
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French Aviator Movie Now Online
Mary Grady
A group of students from the Montpelier School of the Arts in France have produced a short animated film based on the true story of Jacqueline Auriol, a French pilot, who was the first European woman to break the sound barrier, in 1953.
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Brainteasers Quiz #246: Let There Be No Confusion

Before beginning a flight, FAR 91.103 says that a pilot must become familiar with all available information concerning that flight, plus anticipate the weird unavailables that could pop up, making it possible to ace this quiz.

Click here to take the quiz.

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Breaking Solemn Vows
Armand Vilches
How inviolate are the personal rules that we set for ourselves when we find them inconvenient for a specific occasion?
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The new flight and navigational display capabilities now at your fingertips are amazing. But matching your needs with the array of available products can be overwhelming. The editors of IFR Refresher and IFR magazine have kept pace with the glass invasion over the years and are pleased to announce a new e-book — Transition to Glass — filled with articles and advice to help pilots purchase, install, and safely master these new miracles of technology.

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Question of the Week

Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community.

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