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Volume 25, Number 36a
September 3, 2018
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Van's Takes RV-12 Assembly In-House
Russ Niles
The world’s largest kit aircraft manufacturer is about to become the world’s newest aircraft manufacturer. Van’s Aircraft has announced it will expand its Aurora, Oregon facility to build its popular RV-12 light sport aircraft.
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They Call The Wind Betty
Paul Berge
The wind is never tricky, malicious, diabolical or even remorseless. It's just wind and you're stuck with dealing with it. In today's blog, let's examine some of the way you might, nevertheless, blame it fot everything from your bad landings to lumbago.
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Flight Bag Roundup
Larry Anglisano
The pilot's flight bag has gotten smaller over the years and in a market flooded with compact flight totes, four bags—all with different styling—survived our long-term evaluation and earned our critical praise. In this video, Aviation Consumer Editor Larry Anglisano offers a close look at four favorites on the Aviation Consumer evaluation bench.
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Lycoming 'When can an engine give you 200 
extra flying hours?'
Jet Eze Builder Killed In Crash
Russ Niles
The pilot and builder of the one-of-a-kind Jet Eze aircraft was killed in the crash of the airplane on approach to the airport in Covington, Tennessee, on Saturday afternoon.
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Pratt Working On Geared Turbofan Vibration
Russ Niles
Bloomberg is reporting that Pratt & Whitney has been quietly assessing excessive vibration in its new-design geared turbofan engines in the latest of a string of teething problems with the fuel-sipping design.
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Goodyear Christens New Blimp
Kate O'Connor
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company christened its newest blimp, Wingfoot Three, on Thursday, completing the company’s goal to renew its iconic blimp fleet. The ceremony took place on the 89th anniversary of the christening of a previous Goodyear Blimp by Amelia Earhart.
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International 'Checklist for JPI
Perlan Tops 76,000 Feet
Russ Niles
Airbus’s Perlan glider beat the U2s altitude record on Sunday reaching 76,000 feet in pressure altitude in the mountain wave over Patagonia in southwestern Argentina.
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AirFleet Capital || Contact Us for a Quote - 
Click Here or Call (800) 390-4324
Industry Round-up, August 31, 2018
AVweb Staff
AVweb’s weekly news roundup found reports on a new exhibit at the Tillamook Air Museum, a research team looking for ASRS report from GA pilots, installation of a new in-flight connectivity system on a Bombardier Challenger 300, an updated white paper for business aircraft operators and an agreement between Hawaiian Airlines and MINT Software Systems.
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Top Letters And Comments, August 31, 2018
This week's letters brought comments from readers about Swift Fuels suspending its involvement with PAFI, aircraft speed, the Garmin/uAvionix lawsuit and light sport crashes.
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Take the Guesswork Out of Your 
Aviation-Related Purchases with 'Aviation Consumer' Magazine
Picture of the Week, August 30, 2018
A D-Day veteran C-47 sitting quietly at its station in Douglas, GA. Copyrighted photo by Tom Glass.
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Healthy Pilot #15: Boosting Your Energy
Tim Cole
A lack of energy is one of those subtle health issues that are easy to ignore and hard to fix. We tend to brush off a lack of energy with a nap. But chronic lack of energy—especially for a busy pilot—can interfere with quality of life and even signal a potential health problem.
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Short Final: Turtle
I was doing traffic pattern work in a Citabria on a Friday afternoon at a busy, towered, Class D airport. Meanwhile, the business jet traffic was picking up, and the tower controller was doing an admirable job working our touch and goes in between the jet arrivals and departures.
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Brainteasers Quiz #247: What's Ahead Can't Be Left Behind

As Space Force cadets boldly reach for the Sun and galaxy quests beyond, it's incumbent upon those left behind to maintain the aviation traditions that lead to successful sub-orbital flight while acing this earthly quiz.

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