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Volume 25, Number 45b
November 7, 2018
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Lion Air Investigation Continues
Mary Grady
Divers have recovered the flight data recorder of the Boeing Max 8 that crashed in Indonesia last week, and investigators say it shows the airplane had indicated inaccurate airspeed readings for three days before the crash, The New York Times has reported.
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ADS-B Apocalypse
Paul Bertorelli
We're not quite there yet, but you can see if from here. Avionics shops are scheduling out two or three months for installation and that delay may soon grow.
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FAA Readies For An Autonomous Future
Mary Grady
“We find ourselves on the cusp of the third great era of aviation,” acting FAA administrator Daniel Elwell said on Monday—“the age of autonomous and unmanned aircraft.”
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Why Do We Stall?
David Jack Kenny
The record suggests our current approach to stall training isn’t preventing them. Shouldn’t that be one of its objectives?
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First A330-800 Flies
Kate O'Connor
The new Airbus A330-800 widebody passenger jet successfully completed its first flight on Tuesday.
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easyJet Makes Progress On Electric Regional Jet
Mary Grady
easyJet, a leading regional airline operating in Europe, has partnered with U.S. based startup Wright Electric to develop a small electric-powered aircraft that could efficiently serve on short-haul airline routes.
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Aireon GlobalBeacon Now Live Worldwide
Mary Grady
Aireon’s real-time, space-based global flight tracking is now up and running, the company announced on Monday, providing the first tracking system to cover the entire world, even polar regions and oceans. The system uses FlightAware’s intuitive technology interface and an aircraft’s ADS-B system to provide trackers with flight data.
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Game Time Decisions
Armand Vilches
As shown by this accident report, significant convective activity in the area calls for the pilot to exercise conservative judgment and a review of the game plan.
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