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Volume 25, Number 53b
January 2, 2018
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Small Device Drives Airport Noise Complaints
Mary Grady
Imagine you live close to a major airport, and since NextGen has changed many air routes in the last few years, a lot more noisy airplanes fly right over your house. Now it’s easy to file a noise complaint by just pushing a button on a thumb-size device like those used by Amazon shoppers to order household goods.
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When IFR Changed In A New York Minute
Paul Berge
People of a certain age have one airline accident above all seared into their memories. When a Connie and a DC-8 collided over New York, it fundamentally changed instrument flight rules for the jet age.
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NATCA Protests Federal Shutdown
Mary Grady
As the government shutdown rolls into its 11th day on New Year’s Day, aviation services are feeling the impact, and NATCA is not happy about it.
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Accident Probe: Fuelish Behavior
Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside
When the only tool in your bag of tricks is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.
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First International G500 Deliveries
Kate O'Connor
Gulfstream has made the first international deliveries of its G500 business jet, according to an announcement made by the company on Monday.
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FAA Hosts Seminars On Wrong-Surface Landings
Mary Grady
As part of an ongoing effort to raise pilots' awareness about avoiding landing on the wrong surface the FAA is hosting special safety meetings this month.
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Writing Prize For Young Pilots
Mary Grady
A new writing prize, sponsored by Sporty’s and the Richard Collins family, offers $2,500 to a pilot, including a student pilot, who is 24 years old or less. “The article must be original, not previously published, and no longer than 1,500 words,” said Sporty’s in its news release.
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