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Volume 26, Number 10b
March 6, 2019
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40 Aircraft Destroyed by Tornado (with Video)
Marc Cook

The tornadoes that ripped through the southeast last weekend wreaked havoc in Lee County Alabama, killing 23, also cut a path of destruction through the Eufaula airport.

Airbus Debuts Five-Blade H145
Marc Cook

A simpler, more robust five-bladed main rotor will give the Airbus H145 increased useful load, improved ride comfort and reduced maintenance considerations.

EAA's Pilot Proficiency Center
Paul Bertorelli

Every year at AirVenture, EAA offers simulator-based pilot proficiency training for pilots attending the show. This year, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli showed that he can make a hash of a sim session just as well as the next guy can.

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Over 25,000 Happy GAMIjectors Customers Can't Be Wrong!
GAMIjectors have given these aircraft owners reduced cylinder head temperatures, reduced fuel consumption, and smoother engine operation. GAMIjectors alter the fuel/air ratio in each cylinder so that each cylinder operates with a much more uniform fuel/air ratio than occurs with any other factory set of injectors. To speak to a GAMI engineer, call (888) FLY-GAMI, or go online for complete engineering details.
Atlas Air Flight Data Recorder Recovered
Marc Cook
The National Transportation Safety Board said today that the Atlas Air 3591 Flight Data Recorder has been recovered. As we reported previously, the Cockpit Voice Recorder had already been recovered.
Levil Drops Beacon ADS-B
Marc Cook

Levil Aviation has announced that it is ceasing development of its Beacon ADS-B Out module effective immediately.

Accident Probe: Familiarity, Contempt
Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside
Sometimes, we get so fixated on the planned route that we can forget a simple dogleg will make things easier for everyone. Here’s an example of how familiarity with a certain route, perhaps along with a severe case of getthereitis, can result in a less-critical view of adverse conditions than is healthy.
Runway Markings
Take-off Minimums
As instrument pilots we are aware of many things that are important to safe flying. Of the many critical items, one that often gets neglected is runway markings—literally the “paint” on the runway.
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Podcast: AOPA's Flying Club Initiative
Paul Bertorelli
AOPA has been conducting a flying club initiative across the country, achieving some success at advising would-be members on how to start clubs. In this podcast, AVweb spoke to Katie Pribyl, who will soon be turning over the program to Elizabeth Tennyson. We also spoke with Jamie Beckett, one of AOPA's circuit-flying ambassadors who also helps with club promotion.
One Man’s Career: Fighters To Airliners To Drones
James Belton
The World War II pilot generation went from pistons to jets. Gen X pilots got the piston part, too, but some of them are completing their careers from inside air-conditioned vans half a world away from the airplane they're flying.
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