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Volume 7, Number 50
December 23, 2009
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Top News: More FSS Closures as the Year Endsback to top 

Lockheed Martin says service will not suffer when it closes seven of the remaining 13 Automated Flight Service Stations on Feb. 1 and lays off another 160 flight service specialists and management personnel. Lockheed Martin spokeswoman Jan Gottfredsen told AVweb that a 13 percent reduction in call volume combined with efficiencies gained with a new communications network mean that the six remaining AFSS facilities will be able to seamlessly handle the calls. The facilities being closed are Columbia, Mo., Kankakee, Ill., Lansing, Mich., Honolulu, Hawaii, Nashville, Tenn., Seattle, Wash., and St. Petersburg, Fla. Those staying open include the three "hubs" of Ashburn, Va., Ft. Worth, Texas, and Prescott, Ariz., along with AFSSs at Miami, Fla., Princeton, Minn., and Raleigh, N.C. Miami will have staff specializing in Caribbean traffic and Princeton will be staffed with people knowledgeable about cross-border flights to and from Canada. Raleigh is the backup for Ashburn, the headquarters for the system. "We determined there will not be any diminished level of support" resulting from the closures, Gottfredsen said. However, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association isn't buying that and spokesman Dale Wright told AVweb there are fears controllers will be expected to fill any gaps left by the cuts. "Controllers are not going to pick up their slack," Wright said. "We don't have the workforce...." More...

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Professional Pilot, 2008 Headset Preference Survey, 12/08.
Boeing Dreamliner Irons Out Kinksback to top 

Boeing has confirmed that the second Boeing 787 test airplane experienced some kind of problem with the nose gear on its maiden flight Tuesday but the issue was resolved in flight. "We fixed it and it landed safely," Boeing spokeswoman Yvonne Leach told the Seattle Times. "At no time during this flight was the aircraft or the pilots in danger." The Time quoted an unnamed amateur radio operator who said he monitored radio exchanges between the 787 pilots (there were only the two of them onboard) and a chase plane pilot who said part of the nose gear appeared to be angled back about 15 degrees from normal. After aborting his initial approach to Boeing Field, pilot Randy Neville turned back to the west to allow the chase plane pilot to have another look and allow engineers on the ground to consider the problem. Boeing suggested the radio exchanges may have been "misinterpreted" by the ham operator. More...

Remos GX
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New Vectors Aviation Enters Air Taxi Marketback to top 

A Southern California charter company has started the latest Cirrus-based air taxi service, betting SoCal business people and recreational travelers will embrace the convenience of point-to-point air travel at the lower cost afforded by the piston fleet. New Vectors Aviation, based at Chino Hills Airport, launched the service this week, offering flights of up to 500 miles in Cirrus SR22s and some Beech Bonanzas for what it says is substantially less than similar flights in turboprops or business jets. "Businesses still have to operate and travel is often necessary, even during these challenging economic times," said Tom Bressan, chief executive officer. "Money is tight and time is a valuable asset." More...

Business Aviation Will Help Companies Not Only Survive
But Prosper During the Current Financial Crisis

To be your most productive, and your most efficient, you must keep flying. Because in so doing, you will emerge from these times even stronger than before. And you will replace the uncertainty that surrounds many, with the confidence and courage to light the way for all. Visit
Clock Is Ticking for Paper Certificate Holdersback to top 

If your FAA pilot certificate is printed on paper, it's going to expire on March 31, unless you replace it with a new plastic certificate. To get the new counterfeit-resistant certificates, you have to fill out a form and mail it to the FAA in Oklahoma City along with $2 for each certificate you want to replace, or you can do it online. Either way, the new certificate won't list your original date of issue, so you might want to keep that old dog-eared piece of paper to prove your longevity. If you apply by mail, it's going to take four to six weeks, and up to 10 days for online processing, so don't put it off till the last minute or you could find yourself grounded. Some non-pilot certificates, such as those for flight engineers and mechanics, are good for another three years but then they will also have to be replaced. Student certificates are not affected. More...

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Aviation Hall of Fame Ceremonyback to top 

An astronaut, an icon of business aviation, an engineer and an Arctic flyer have been named to the National Aviation Hall of Fame's Class of 2010. Capt. Alan Bean, the pilot of the lunar module for Apollo 12, was part of the second crew to land on the moon. Clay Lacy, a 50,000-hour pilot, founded Clay Lacy Aviation at Van Nuys Airport. He holds 30 type ratings, has flown over 2,500 air-to-air photo flights, and shot film for many Hollywood pictures including Top Gun and The Right Stuff. Warren Grimes, the "father of aircraft lighting," produced his first airplane lights in his garage in 1933, and created the familiar red, green and white nav lights still found on aircraft today. Noel Wien was an Arctic flight expert who founded Wien Alaska Airlines, one of the oldest airlines in the U.S., in the 1920s. Click here for a 2002 interview with his son Merrill Wien by AVweb's Joe Godfrey. The Hall of Fame also awarded its 2010 Milton Caniff Spirit of Flight Award to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), in recognition of its achievement in advancing aviation. More...

Diamond Aircraft
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AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learnback to top 

So-called over-the-top or cross-control stall accidents have been common among general aviation pilots for years. But no one has ever really documented what happens in one — until now. Thanks the widespread use of glass cockpits, this fatal stall accident has been extraordinarily well-documented by accident investigators and includes a video re-creation. Aviation Safety magazine walks you through the accident in this video. More...

WingX GPS-Enabled Terrain-Aware Moving Map for iPhone!
Just released — Moving Map for your iPhone! Also: File flight plans and obtain and view legal weather briefings. View any NACO chart or airport diagram — entire USA stored right on your phone. A/FD, AOPA Directory, Route Planning, FARs, Animated RADAR, METARs, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, TFRs text and graphics, an E6B, and much more. WingX is also available for Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Click here for more information.
Opinion & Commentaryback to top 

In the latest installment of our AVweb Insider blog, Paul Bertorelli dips into the mailbag and answers some concerns about his recent video on Cirrus stalls for Aviation Safety magazine. Click here to see what others had to say, read Paul's rebuttals, and add your own voice to the mix. More...

AVweb's Paul Bertorelli comments on the proposed 1,500-hour requirement in the latest installment of our AVweb Insider blog. "If nothing else," he says, "we are shockingly predictable in our reaction." Read the full blog and add your own comments. More...

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Share Your Opinions with Our Sister Publicationsback to top 

If you own a Cirrus SR20, our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, would like to hear about your experiences with it. We would like to know about operating and insurance costs, performance, factory support and your overall satisfaction with the airplane. Send comments to you'd like to participate, drop an e-mail to results will appear in a future issue of Aviation Consumer. For subscription information, click here.) More...

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The Top Reporter on Our Crack Staff ... Is You!back to top 

Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something 200,000 pilots might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via email to What have you heard? More...

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Ho, Ho Holiday Gift Guide
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Who's Whereback to top 

Get a promotion or a new job? Your colleagues want to know about it, and AVwebBiz can get the word out. Drop us a line about the staff appointment, with a nice recent photo, and we'll do our best to include it in our new section, "Who's Where." The items will be permanently archived on AVweb for future reference, too. More...

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