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Volume 9, Number 36
September 21, 2011
U.S. Sport Aviation Expo || Sebring, FL || 
January 19-22, 2012
Sebring Regional Airport Hosts U.S. Sport Aviation Expo!
The LSA show is January 19-22, 2012 and features conventional aircraft, kitplanes, powered parachutes, trikes, gyros, amphibians, and innovative designs such as electrically powered aircraft — 150+ aircraft on display. If it exists in the recreational aviation market, it will be at Expo! Over 12,500 aviation enthusiasts attended last year for demonstration flights, EAA forums, and what's new in the LSA market. Visit for details.
AVflash! The Shape of User Fees in 2011back to top 
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A deficit-reduction plan proposed by President Barack Obama on Monday includes user fees for some general aviation flights, a move quickly opposed by GA advocates. Nine groups, including AOPA, EAA, GAMA, and NBAA, issued a statement on Monday expressing "unified opposition" to the proposal. "We believe this per-flight tax not only imposes a significant new administrative burden on general aviation operators who currently pay through an efficient per-gallon fuel charge at the pump, but it will also necessitate the creation of a costly new federal collection bureaucracy," the groups said in a joint statement. The president proposed a fee of $100 per flight to be paid directly to the FAA. Not all flights would be affected, however. More... || We're All New!
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New Cirrus CEO Has a Familiar Nameback to top 

Cirrus Aircraft announced on Monday that co-founder Dale Klapmeier is now the CEO, and Brent Wouters, who held that post since 2009, is no longer with the company. "Along with our new owners, our commitment is stronger than ever to the same goals and ideals that we had when we started the company more than 25 years ago," Klapmeier said in a news release. "And that goal is to make the dream of flight a reality for more people, both in the U.S. and around the world. Today we are at the beginning of the next chapter of the reinvention of personal transportation." The company finalized a deal in June to be sold to CAIGA, China's general aviation conglomerate. "The timing of this change was not unexpected," Cirrus spokesman Todd Simmons told AVweb on Monday. "It's supported by the executive team and by the board." More...

Jeppesen Mobile Flite Deck
Mobile FliteDeck:
A Paperless En Route Charting Revolution for Your iPad®

Aviation is transformed with the first interactive mobile en route flight application. With Mobile FliteDeck and a Jeppesen electronic chart subscription, you'll benefit from immediate access to accurate information, improved situational and operational awareness, and a more streamlined flight process. The app's features include en route chart data and Airway Manual® text, class-leading vector map imaging, and data-driven IFR and VFR terminal charts. Watch a view overview.
Shifting Focus at Bombardierback to top 

Bombardier is cutting production of its CRJ regional jet series due to a slowdown in orders, but there won't be any layoffs as a result. The company says it has more than enough work for the about 350 workers who will be affected at the company's Mirabel, Quebec, CRJ plant. Bombardier currently has the CSeries airliner, Global 7000 and Global 8000 business jets and the Learjet 85 under development and will simply shift workers to those projects. It's not saying how much production will be reduced but the CRJ backlog is now at about 60 aircraft, or 15 months, and the company likes to have about 18 months worth of work ahead of it on all its production lines. It says the future market looks strong for CRJs and production can be adjusted in the future if need be. Meanwhile, Bombardier signed actor and pilot John Travolta to a promotional role with its business jet division. More...

Southeast Aerospace (SEA)
Southeast Aerospace —
Leading Avionics Resource Now More Effective!

The newly designed industry-leading web site has been released! Get to know all of SEA's services: Part Sales, Repairs, Installations, Special Missions and Engineering. Each online department provides detailed information on services, capabilities, experiences and contact information. Save time and go directly to the resources you need. And, as always, you can find real-time inventory pricing and delivery on the part sales site,
Public Jets, Private Obligations, and Media Scrutinyback to top 

It seems the stigma of "private" jet travel extends even to top-ranked military officers in Canada, where the country's top soldier will likely pay back part of the cost for at least one trip he took in a Royal Canadian Air Force Challenger bizjet. Gen. Walt Natynczyk, Canada's Chief of Defense Staff (the equivalent of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the U.S.), has been under fire for the use of the aircraft to meet his family for a Caribbean vacation in January of 2010. The story first came out without comment from Natynczyk, who explained that he had missed his charter flight because he was commanding a repatriation ceremony for four soldiers and a Canadian journalist killed in fighting in Afghanistan. His boss, Defense Minister Peter MacKay, then authorized a Challenger flight to allow the general to get to St. Maarten so he could get on a cruise ship in time to be with his family. At first, Natynczyk blew off the reports labeling him a "jet-setting general," but then he had a chat with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. More...

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Spidertracks tracks you in real-time and automatically sends SOS alerts within minutes of an accident. Your flights are displayed on the Aviator web site, and your online logbook automatically fills in flight time and distance. You can upload photos, share your flights, "follow" other pilots, and talk flying with other aviators who love flying as much as you do. Get Aviator today — call 1 (800) 491‑2895 or visit
AliphaJet's Future Fuel Looks to Revolutize Navyback to top 

A San Francisco-based company said last week it has developed a new way to make jet biofuel from renewable materials that is "highly cost-effective." AliphaJet said its catalytic method uses materials derived from plants and animals such as triglycerides and fatty acids. "Our strategy fundamentally improves the economics of making 100-percent drop-in renewable jet biofuel," said Jack Oswald, CEO of AliphaJet. "Our approach is radically different and unlocks a new industry that can meet the U.S. Navy's goal of replacing 50 percent of its liquid fuels with renewables by 2020." More...

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Our sister publication, Aviation Consumer, would like to know. We're doing a survey on owner experiences with factory-new, factory-reman and factory-overhauled engines. (No field overhauls this time.) The survey will take about five minutes, and you can take it merely by cliking this link. More...

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Opinion & Commentaryback to top 

Mary Grady has been looking over some numbers related to aviation safety, and in her latest post to the AVweb Insider blog, she has to say it: Maybe pilots need better ways to analyze and calculate risks. Read more and join the conversation. More...

For as much as we, aviation enthusiasts, might hope so, it's not up to us. It's up to the community of Reno. Accidents like the one last week rightfully spark some inward examination of safety procedures and the risk/reward equation of doing things that are dangerous. In his latest post to the AVweb Insider blog, Paul Bertorelli has the immediate takeaway: Air shows and air races represent the tiniest of risk for spectators. But anyone who thinks the risk is non-existent should stay home. Read more and join the conversation. More...

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AVweb Media: Look, Listen, Laugh and Learnback to top 

Garmin's new 796 has a touchscreen and 3D vision -- but so can an iPad. It's not as robust as any certified system (or even the AV8OR Horizon, nee VistaNav) but it would certainly help keep the sunny side up in the clouds if you ever needed it. It looks pretty cool, too. More...

At AOPA Summit in Hartford, Garmin will unveil its latest portable, the touchscreen aera 796. Take a video tour of the navigator's features, which include synthetic vision, enhanced chart functions, and a new touchscreen interface. More...

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Get a promotion or a new job? Your colleagues want to know about it, and AVwebBiz can get the word out. Drop us a line about the staff appointment, with a nice recent photo, and we'll do our best to include it in our new section, "Who's Where." The items will be permanently archived on AVweb for future reference, too. More...

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