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AOPA Names Mark Baker As New President
Mark Baker, 55, a native of Minnesota and a long-time GA pilot, has been named by AOPA as the next president and CEO, taking over from Craig Fuller. "Mark brings 35 years of involvement in the GA community as a pilot, and decades of experience in leadership positions in the home-improvement industry, such as Scotts Miracle-Gro Company and The Home Depot," said Bill Trimble, AOPA's chairman of the board of trustees, on Tuesday afternoon. Baker has been flying since his twenties, AOPA said, and has logged more than 7,500 hours in the air. His favorite airplane is his Piper Super Cub. “Many of my happiest moments have been spent flying and sharing my passion for aviation with others," Baker said in Tuesday's news release. "I am committed to the priorities of the membership and will ensure that AOPA’s focus remains on carrying out our mission of protecting the freedom to fly." Read More
Sennheiser Welcomes S1 NoiseGard to the S1 
Join Us in Welcoming the S1 Family and Win an iPad Mini™
The launch of our new S1 NoiseGard with state-of-the art analog noise cancelation technology marks the completion of the S1 Family. Try out the S1 NoiseGard or our groundbreaking S1 Digital with digital adaptive noise reduction, adjustable headband tension, and Bluetooth technology and give yourself a chance to win a new iPad Mini™. Learn more.
B-1B Bomber Wrecked, Crew OK
A B-1B Lancer, the Cold War-era swing-wing bomber, crashed in a remote part of southeastern Montana on Monday, but all four crew members ejected. The four were taken to local hospitals but all are expected to survive, officials said. The bomber, which was destroyed, was one of about 60 still in the U.S. Air Force fleet, and was worth about $283 million. Photos of the crash site show a massive charred area with no apparent aircraft parts visible, according to The Associated Press. The flight was a routine training mission out of South Dakota's Ellsworth Air Force Base, according to U.S. Air Force officials. Read More
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Continental Responds To Cylinder Concerns
In a letter sent to distributors last week (see link below), Continental Motors aimed to ease concerns about the FAA's recently proposed airworthiness directive for ECi cylinders, noting that "no Continental Motors factory-new/rebuilt engines or parts are affected." Continental said it has never used the ECi cylinders, so owners "can be confident that no AEC [Airmotive Engineering Corp., a sister company of ECI] or ECi cylinder(s) has ever shipped from Continental Motors on engines or aftermarket spare parts." However, if aftermarket cylinders were installed after engine shipment from the factory, verification with ECi should be made, the company said. The FAA said its proposed directive could affect up to 6,000 Continental engines. Read More
AEA Pilots Guide || Aircraft Electronics 
Pilot's Guide to Avionics Now Available
The 2013-'14 edition of the Aircraft Electronics Association's Pilot's Guide to Avionics is now available. To request a complimentary copy, visit

The publication is a consumer's directory loaded with educational articles and timely information about the avionics industry, its products and its people, which helps pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions and locate more than 1,300 AEA member companies, including government-certified repair stations, around the world.
NAFI Holds New Student Seminar Tonight
The National Association of Flight Instructors will hold a one-hour webinar tonight (Aug. 21) at 7 p.m. Central on the topic of attracting new students. The webinar will be hosted by NAFI Chairman Bob Meder and it's a continuation of the series of monthly webinars held by NAFI on topics of concern to those in the flight education business. "We'll be talking about how we can do better at attracting new students," said Meder. Read More
Summer Sale
A Cool Deal for a Hot Summer
Lightspeed Aviation and participating dealers will be offering $100 (USD) instant savings on the Zulu.2 ANR headset with Bluetooth July 29 through September 27, 2013. Experience the remarkable comfort and quiet of the ANR aviation headset that firmly established Lightspeed as the innovation leader. Zulu.2 is a triumph of communication connectivity and delivers all of the other advanced features you expect from Lightspeed. Learn more.
IKHANA Delivers Twin Otter To Alberta
Twin Otters are nothing new in the Canadian North but a California company has supplied an Alberta company with a new version of the venerable design. G-Sky Aviation of Fort McMurray recently took delivery of a IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-200HG Twin Otter. The aircraft is a top-to-bottom rebuild and modification of a de Havilland DHC-6-200 that gives it increased payload and modernization throughout. Read More
iLevil || Levil 
Levil Technology's Line of AHRS/ADS-B Receivers Just Got Better!
Offering the most compatibility with your favorite apps and uncontested AHRS performance, the iLevil SW has been known as the most flexible AHRS/ADS-B system in the market. Levil Technology is now introducing the iLevil AW, featuring internal pressure sensors that measure indicated airspeed, pressure altitude, and VSI when connected to the pitot-static system of a homebuilt or light sport aircraft. Check out the iLevil at AirVenture Oshkosh or visit our web site here.
Video: PS Engineering's PAR200 Multi-Function Audio System
There's a need for affordable audio system upgrades for basic aircraft. PS Engineering attempts to answer the call with the PAR200 -- a three-in-one system that combines an advanced audio panel, a stereo intercom, and a remote comm radio. In this video, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano takes a look at the unit during it's introduction at AirVenture 2013 at Oshkosh. Read More
International Association of Flight Training 
Professionals (IAFTP)
The Security of Your Personal Information Is Important
The July 16 edition of Aviation Week reports "FAA Pilot, Aircraft Information At Risk ..." The U.S. Transportation Department's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) notes that, along with putting pilots' personal information at risk, the deficiencies could hinder accident investigations and pilot security screenings required under the 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. IAFTP members are posting responses describing how the IAFTP eCV might help solve this problem. Read the article and post your comments here.
AVweb/Aviation Consumer Avgas/Mogas Survey
As the quest for a replacement for 100LL drags into its third decade, our sister publication Aviation Consumer, is seeking opinions from owners, pilots and aircraft operators on how you think the process is going. The FAA has established a special office devoted to a replacement for 100LL and piston fuel in general. We would like to know if you've followed the process and if so, what you think of it. And how about mogas? We have some questions on that, too. Read More
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