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Embry-Riddle: GAMI G100UL Tests Looks Promising
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s testing of GAMI’s G100UL unleaded fuel looks promising, the school told AVweb last week, and it says it sees no reason why the fuel can’t be a drop-in replacement for 100LL. Embry Riddle wants to stop using leaded aviation fuel at its two campuses as soon as it can. Read More
Bad Elf GPS
Rock-Solid GPS for the iPad in Any Aircraft — Piston or Jet!
The Bad Elf GPS Pro accessory was designed for demanding use in multi-crew and jet aircraft, providing high-performance WAAS GPS reception even with heated windshields. It connects wirelessly with up to five iPad or iPhone devices simultaneously, has a 16+ hour battery life, and the large LCD display shows your GPS status at all times.

Works great with ForeFlight, JeppFD, WingX, Garmin Pilot, and any other location-based app. Flying worldwide in piston singles, Fortune 50 fleets, and charter aircraft — even airlines! Click here for more information.
Redbird’s Skyport Will Sell Dollar-a-Gallon Avgas During October
Redbird’s Skyport in San Marcos, Texas, will be selling avgas for a dollar a gallon throughout the month of October. What’s the catch? There really isn’t one, other than the company will ask fuel buyers to participate in a brief survey probing their views on flying habits and how—or even if—the cost of flying affects those views and, especially, flying behavior. Redbird aims to find out if the high cost of flying really is the reason people do less of it. Read More
Sennheiser Welcomes S1 NoiseGard to the S1 
Join Us in Welcoming the S1 Family and Win an iPad Mini™
The launch of our new S1 NoiseGard with state-of-the art analog noise cancelation technology marks the completion of the S1 Family. Try out the S1 NoiseGard or our groundbreaking S1 Digital with digital adaptive noise reduction, adjustable headband tension, and Bluetooth technology and give yourself a chance to win a new iPad Mini™. Learn more.
G5000 For Beech 400s
Garmin has announced a planned G5000 retrofit for Beechjet 400A and Hawker 400XP aircraft. The company hopes it will have the STC ready in 2015. Although both designs are out of production, hundreds remain in service and Garmin VP Carl Wolf said the glass cockpit will modernize the legacy bizjet. Read More
AEA Pilots Guide || Aircraft Electronics 
Pilot's Guide to Avionics Now Available
The 2013-'14 edition of the Aircraft Electronics Association's Pilot's Guide to Avionics is now available. To request a complimentary copy, visit

The publication is a consumer's directory loaded with educational articles and timely information about the avionics industry, its products and its people, which helps pilots and aircraft owners make better buying decisions and locate more than 1,300 AEA member companies, including government-certified repair stations, around the world.
China-Built Embraer 650 Flies
The first Embraer Legacy 650 assembled in China has flown and first delivery of the China-built aircraft is on track for the end of this year. Embraer announced last year that had formed a joint venture with Aviation Industry Corporation of China called Harbin Embraer Aircraft Industry to build the large-cabin business aircraft. Read More
AOPA Aviation Finance
Aircraft Financing Doesn't Have to Be Difficult
No matter the reason for purchasing an aircraft, AOPA Aviation Finance Company, LLC can help AOPA members find the right financing for new and used general aviation aircraft. Our friendly loan specialists help take the hassle out of navigating through the financing process and can find you competitive rates and terms. Call AOPA Aviation Finance to learn more at 1 (800) 62-PLANE or click here for more information.
UK Operators Ground Super Pumas
The North Sea oil industry is scrambling for helicopters after operators voluntarily grounded all variants of Eurocopter Super Puma helicopters last Friday. Super Pumas carry about half the personnel and freight required to service oil rigs in the region. The helicopters were grounded after the crash of a CHC AS332L-2 variant of the twin-engine, single-rotor utility aircraft in the North Sea. Four people died in the crash, which various media report is the fifth fatal crash of the type in four years. Read More
Summer Sale
A Cool Deal for a Hot Summer
Lightspeed Aviation and participating dealers will be offering $100 (USD) instant savings on the Zulu.2 ANR headset with Bluetooth July 29 through September 27, 2013. Experience the remarkable comfort and quiet of the ANR aviation headset that firmly established Lightspeed as the innovation leader. Zulu.2 is a triumph of communication connectivity and delivers all of the other advanced features you expect from Lightspeed. Learn more.
Diesel 182 Test Flight Ends In Emergency Landing
The pilot of an experimental Cessna 182 JT-A with an SMA diesel engine reported that his "engine blew" during a test flight last week, and he landed safely in a field near Wichita, Kan., according to local news reports. "The flight was a part of the normal certification process, which up to date has been running the normal course," Cessna spokesman Andy Woodward told the Wichita Eagle. The pilot was not hurt and the airplane "appears to have not suffered any significant damage," Woodward said, adding that the aircraft inspection was ongoing. At EAA AirVenture, the company said the 182 JT-A is scheduled to start deliveries later this year. The SMA engine, made by Safran, is expected to use up to 40 percent less fuel than a comparable avgas engine. Read More
Buy a Skyway to Support STEM Education || 
Think Global Flight
Buy a Skyway! Help Fuel the ThinkGlobalFlight STEM Adventure
Help us motivate a new generation of aviators, scientists, and engineers: Think STEM and! TGF's April 2014 orbit of the Earth will interactively reach students at Student Command Centers via SATCOM in 37 countries enroute about science, technology, engineering, and math. As little as $25 sponsors a Skyway along the way, fueling the TGF Cirrus SR-20 around the globe! Click here to learn more.
Video: Electronics International Unveils New Multi-Purpose Instrument
While old airframes may keep soldiering on, the instruments and radios in the panels usually don't. At AirVenture this year, Electronics International rolled out a new instrument designed to replace older instruments, including tachometers, engines instruments, and other indicators. In this video, EI's Tyler Speed gives us a quick product tour of the new CGR-30P. Read More
'Instrument Pilot Handbook' & 'Instrument 
Pilot's Survival Guide' by Rod Machado || Available at
Rod Machado Instrument Flying
The best available options for the beginning instrument student and the accomplished pilot wanting to refine his or her skills. Rod Machado's unique writing style will increase your retention and understanding of these serious subjects. And, by the way — you'll actually enjoy reading them.
Instrument Pilot Handbook$64.95 (book)
$49.95 (e-book)
Instrument Survival Handbook$34.95 (book)
$29.95 (e-book)
Call (800) 780-4115 or click here for more information.
AVweb/Aviation Consumer Avgas/Mogas Survey
As the quest for a replacement for 100LL drags into its third decade, our sister publication Aviation Consumer, is seeking opinions from owners, pilots and aircraft operators on how you think the process is going. The FAA has established a special office devoted to a replacement for 100LL and piston fuel in general. We would like to know if you've followed the process and if so, what you think of it. And how about mogas? We have some questions on that, too. Read More
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Our best stories start with you. If you've heard something the flying world might want to know about, tell us. Submit news tips via e-mail here. (Or send them direct to Newstips at

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Why Motion Simulation is Here to Stay
At their AirVenture booth and anywhere else they show off their simulators, Redbird Flight Simulations gets an earful--and often an argument--about whether motion-based simulation is really necessary or even a benefit. In today's guest blog, Redbird CEO Jerry Gregoire says he ready to start a fight on the subject, or at least a spirited discussion. You can join in with your own comments. Read More
Video: PS Engineering's PAR200 Multi-Function Audio System
There's a need for affordable audio system upgrades for basic aircraft. PS Engineering attempts to answer the call with the PAR200 -- a three-in-one system that combines an advanced audio panel, a stereo intercom, and a remote comm radio. In this video, Aviation Consumer's Larry Anglisano takes a look at the unit during it's introduction at AirVenture 2013 at Oshkosh. Read More
AirVenture 2013 Product Minute Video: ForeFlight 5.3 Preview
As AirVenture 2013, ForeFlight was showing off the latest version of its popular app, and it now includes Canadian charts, a unique plate overlay feature, and helicopter charts for U.S. pilots. In this AVweb Product Minute, ForeFlight's Jason Miller gives us a tour of the app's new high points. Read More
Video: Bendix/King's KLR10 Angle of Attack Indicator
Angle-of-attack indicators have become a hot safety-of-flight market item, and at AirVenture 2013, we're seeing more competition in the field. Bendix/King announced its entry into the AoA market with the new KLR10, which uses differential pressure to infer angle of attack and then presents this on a color-coded display in the cockpit, equipped with audio warnings. Initially, the KLR10 will be for experimental aircraft only, but it will soon be certified for all aircraft. Read More